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"Hoods" by Paul B. Janeczko

No description

Emma Fringuelli

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of "Hoods" by Paul B. Janeczko

The only alliteration in this poem is in the last line where our speaker describes his or her escape as "death-defying." The sound of "d" twice in a row gives off a sound similar to the thumping of feet running on a sidewalk.
Big Idea- Theme
The theme of this poem is a high action chase. A lonely stranger witnesses a group of black leathered jacketed men, lead by Spider, trying to break into a car. What follows is the speaker's "death-defying escape." (l.36)
The speaker says the men in black leather jackets remind him of a flock of crows over roadkill.

These men are also compared to sinners at the door of a church when they pause before entering the Free Public Library our speaker hides in.
As a reader, I felt anticipation strongly. I imagined how striking it would be if suddenly these men started chasing after me, and followed me to the library. When Sider calls them off, however I felt a sense of relief.
This poem does not have an example of repetition.
This poem has no rhyme scheme, rhythm, or classification other than freestlye/freeform poetry.
by Paul B. Janeczko

I belive the tone of this poem is fearful and a bit boastful. It gives off a sense of fear when it talks about running away and hiding, but boastful when our speaker brags to "Raymond" about his death-defying escape.
by: Emma Fringuelli
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