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Martin Gruodis Portfolio

Marketing professional with a Master’s in International Marketing. Dedicated to driving customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and product sales through highly-targeted marketing projects, campaigns, and promotional events.

Martin Gruodis

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Martin Gruodis Portfolio

My greatest challenge
I am looking for a personal challenge, for a company which has ambitions to grow, to lead in customer services, to offer the best product in the market, who respects the environment and the people.

- Goal:
Product's sales & market share increasment in retail by 18% in 1 year.

- Solution:
Brand awerness development.

- Tools:
POS, advertisement, and positive brand image.
step 1
Make the product accessible everywhere
Investments in POS, retail, and new sales channels (online stores).
Sponsorship of the most popular broadcast about pets in Lithuania
Adds on Tv
Facebook campaign
outdoor adds
brochures at the POS
step 2
Make the product visible
step 3
Social campaign
Support for animal shelters and go public (outdoor adds, Facebooks communication, stickers on the packages).
Campaign motto: we care about homeless pets - join us!
National market share in the category increased in after 3 monts.
Brand awareness growth in

1063 homeless animals found new homes!
In 2010 -2012 KG Group expanded almoust
. New business activities demanded more information accesible to existing and new customers.
Private label
Pot noodles, economy
Corporate brandbook development
Every company needs to have brand book which describes coherent brand communication rules.
My goal was to create it.
Events/ Tradeshows
International dogs' show in Vilnius, 2012
Summer Festival for employees' children together with Lithuanian national basketball team, 2011
At press conference in Kaunas, 2012
CRM development
One of the most important keys to business success is customers' loyalty. In order to make customers loyal, a company should know them well and show that it cares about them.

That is why Oracle CRM was neccecary to the company and customers.
Corporate image
Kauno Grudai/ KG Group is one of the largest companies in Lithuania with more than 3000 employees. Kauno Grudai plays a big role in community life, and in Lithuania's economy.

That is a reason for the company to support workers, community, and delevop a great nationwide image.

This video was created before London olympics in 2012 to communicate company's support for the national olympic team.
Meet Martin
Search for Martynas (Martin) Gruodis on LinkedIn
(403) 431 - 9100
Experienced in
Case study
Experienced Marketing Manager with a Master's degree in Marketing and Trade Management. Dedicated to driving customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and product sales through highly-targeted marketing projects, campaigns, and promotional events.

I gained most of my professional work experience at KG Group, where I worked as a Marketing Manager. During that time I worked with more than 20 internal and external projects, as well as I took care of full marketing process of two business divisions.
Revenue increase in , profit in of supervised devisions
Increased product portfolio more than

Products/ Brands Development
(rebranding existing and creating new ones)

(branding (online & offline), advertising, and sales promotion events)

(setting goals, managing budgets, projects, and leading teams)

Research & Analysis
(market and consumer research, competitive analysis)

Internal Projects
(intranet & website, CRM development, national image, and social responsibility projects)
- International market analysis
- Product/ package/ ingredients development
- Brand portfolio creation
Market analysis
Instant noodle factory establishment
at KG Group in two years
I was one of the leading team members working with the new instant noodle factory project. My responsibilities included market research, product development (visual and empirical), product portfolio strategy creation, and implementation.
Project value $3.8 million
Located in Calgary
Growth rate
Relative market share
Products/ Brands Development 1
-Hospitality Industry
Corporate brand development
Products/ Brands Development 2
Brands development
- New products/ brands
- New categories
- New markets
Revenue growth
+ 98%
Profit growth
+ 41%

- Marketing agencies
- Designers
- Media planners
- Retailers/ wholesalers
- Copywriters
- Different departments in the company
Working with
- Strategic brand management
- Brand identity
- Advertisment
- Events/ Tradeshows
- Loyalty programs
- Promotional campaigns and contests
Brand identity
Promotional campaigns and contests
- Market opportunities
- Target segment
- Product strenghts/ advantages
- Brand message
- Brand visualisation
Experienced in creating brand awareness and sales thru media channels
Internal projects
Corporate website development
Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind Walter Landor
Experience working with different departments to achieve the same goal
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