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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Movie Project

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maryam soomro

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Movie Project

Synopsis -

This movie is taken place in an Arabian city of Agrabah. There is poor boy, Aladdin who roams the city with a monkey named Abu. Aladdin eventually bumps into the princess Jasmine from the palace and is mesmorized. Princess Jasmine's father is seeking proposals for her. Aladdin and Jasmine journey along and Aladdin finds a lamp and is granted three wishes from a Genie. Trouble occurs when Jaffar is introduced.

The biggest challenge is when Jasmine wants to marry Aladdin but he is just a "street" boy and Jafar wants her hand in marriage.
Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological: Struggling to steal a piece of bread in the market to fight his hunger

Safety: When Aladdin is in the Cave of Wonders and Abu touches something besides the lamp and it starts rumbling; Aladdin reaches safety when the Tiger head disappears or else the beggar (who wanted the lamp) who revealed the dagger would've killed him. Genie also keeps him safe

Love/Belonging: Since Aladdin has to family, Jasmine accepts him for who he is

Esteem: Being prince Ali Abwaba helps him be confident and worthy enough for princess Jasmine

Self-Actualization: When the genie tells Aladdin if he wants to use his third wish to become a prince again he can but instead Aladdin wishes the genie free. When the Sultan knows that Aladdin is not a prince and decides to let him marry is daughter
-Aladdin imprisoned in the Royal Dungeon
-Aladdin feels guilty lying to the princess that he's not a real prince
-Knowing that he has 3 wishes

- older prisoner helps Aladdin locate The Cave of Wonders (Jaffar in disguise)
- When the genie tells Aladdin to confess about not being a prince

How the Hierarchy has been used in my life
Physiological: I had breakfast (muffin and coffee) for breakfast and slept well the night before my flight
Safety: Being checked into the airport and having all my possessions
Love/Belonging: When my friend and her mom came to pick me up
Esteem: Achieving to fly alone for the first time without any major problems
Self- Actualization: Realizing that I can be independent gave me the out most confidence
Thank you (:
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Movie Project
Maryam Soomro
AP Psychology P.2

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