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Stacey Mundo

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Two Sisters' Daily 5 & CAFE: A Framework Choice = Engagement 10 Minute Challenge Getting Started What do skills or strategies do students need to practice and own?
What centers are you going to have?
How much of your block are you going to devote?
In which order are you going to teach the centers and build stamina?
What materials do you need to prepare for the centers?
How will students choose centers?
When the centers are running, what will you be doing? Stamina Choice Mini-lessons Purpose:




Support: Use the Two Sisters' Daily 5 and CAFE book as a framework for student-centered learning in any subject. Differentiation, Intervention, Enrichment, Common Core, Student Ownership, Data Driven Teachers will explicitly teach students routines that will be engaging and rigorous while giving them the ability to eventually work with differentiated small groups. Identify when in your daily schedule you plan to implement these strategies. Create a rough draft of how you will introduce building stamina and providing choice in your classroom. Discuss what support is needed to successfully implement these strategies. Effects Cooperative learning .59
Meta-Cognitive Strategies .69
Student to Teacher Feedback .74
High realistic expectation for each individual student 1.44

Increases intrinsic motivation Student Ownership Set goals
Make a plan
Self monitoring
Feedback usually! B.U.I.L.D. Buddy games
Using manipulatives
Independent work
Learn about numbers
Doing math http://www.thedailycafe.com/CAFE%20Menu.pdf Fluency (Fast Facts)
Accuracy (Computation)
Comprehension (Word problems)
Expand (Vocabulary/Real World Math) Comprehension
Accuracy - phonics
Expand - vocabulary Reading CAFE Math FACE Stacey Mundo & Jacquelyn Janowski
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