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School Library Cafe' Presentaion

This presentation, which shows the Project, Marketing, and Assessment Plans for a school library cafe', was made for the Wappingers Junior High School Media Center.

Beth Lohmeyer

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of School Library Cafe' Presentaion

Double click anywhere & add an idea Review of Literature Project Plan Marketing Plan Assessment Library cafes have been around for centuries Drinking and eating while reading
has not normally been allowed in school
libraries.. More and more libraries are
striving to become more user-friendly. "Libraries are in the unique position
to become the next great good places--
places where people can freely gather
and interact." from the 1999 book, A Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg Goal: To provide students with a place
to read, study, collaborate, and socialize. Goal: To promote access to literature. Goal: To develop an awareness of library services. Project Scope:

Open during lunch and study halls
Run by library staff and volunteers
Format guest speakers book talks introduce library services & new materials time for studying, reading
& socializing Needs Assessment
A user needs asssessment needs to be given.
Surveymonkey.com AASL Standards
Guideline: The school library media program promotes reading as a foundational skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment.

Actions: The school library media specialist:

acquires and promotes current, high-quality, high-interest collections of books and other reading resources in multiple formats.
develops initiatives to encourage and engage learners in reading, writing, and listening for understanding and enjoyment.
creates an environment where independent reading is valued, promoted, and encouraged.
motivates learners to read fiction and nonfiction through reading aloud, book talking, displays, exposure of authors, and other means.

Guideline: The school library media program includes flexible and equitable access to physical and virtual collections of resources that support the school curriculum and meet the diverse needs of all learners.

Actions: The school library media specialist:
creates a friendly, comfortable, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic space that is centrally located and well integrated with the rest of the school.
designs learning spaces that accommodate a range of teaching methods, learning tasks, and learning outcomes.
provides space and seating that enhances and encourages technology use, leisure and browsing, and use of materials in all formats.

SWOT Analysis


Oxford University Weaknesses: Opportunities: Threats:
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