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Human Rights 506

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights 506

Article 3

.Right to life, liberty and personal security
Article 2
No Discrimination
You have rights no matter what skin color, race, gender, age, language, religion and opinions
Article 4
Freedom from slavery
Nobody has the right to keep you as a slave, and you shuld not make no one your slave.
Article 23
1. Right to choose your job of desire.
2. Right to have an equal pay as others
Freedom from arbitrary arrest and exile: Nobody has the rigt to arrest you ,put you in prison or to force you out of your country without good reasons.
Article 17
Right to property
1. Right to own things
2. Nobody has the right to take these things away from you
I feel like this article means that you can have whatever you want but not have anyone take it away. You can have anything you want . You can have what you need and not have anybody tell you that you cannot have it.
Human Rights 506
Nikolas Mangru

I believe that this article means that everyone is safe and should be treated equally. As an example nobody should be afraid of going into the outside world.Also everyone has a right to be happy and free. Also think nobody should kill anyone else so that you can have a life.
Article 9
I feel like this article means nobody is allowed to keep anybody else in jail or punish them unless they have any proper evidence of what the other person did.
I think this article means that everyone can have rights no matter what kind of background you have or what kind of person you are
I believe this article means that you make someone work for you unless you treat them fairly and nobody should make you a slave with bad treatment.
I feel like this article means that everyone has the right to having a job to get money. Everyone should be entitled to having equal money like having equal rights. You can also have any job you want.
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