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Ease of Access

Ease of use presentation for secondary administrators and TFC.

Jason Rooks

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Ease of Access

To share ideas and plans To gather input and feedback Plans: We would like to implement changes that
would increase ease of access. Potential Changes: Single-sign-on (or at least reduced sign-on)
Access from anywhere, at any time, from any computer. Who: Staff, students, and parents The way you access applications is made easier.
Security is increased across the district When: Starting 2011 Staff Example
You sit down with your laptop and only have to login once to access services and resources. (IC, Munis email, OCG, PARS, PEERS)
When you sit down at Starbucks with your laptop you can access the same services and resources you access at school. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Student Example
A student sits down at a computer and only has to login once to access services and resources. (DE, NetTrekker, Moodle, file storage)
A student sits down at their personal home computer and has access to the same services and resources they use at school. Parent Example
A parents sits down at a computer and only has to login once to see the most important information that is relavent only to their children. (grades, attendance, account balances, school calendars) What's the catch? With increased access comes increased responsibility.
More complex passwords.
More frequent password changes.
Higher expectations for password and information security Visualization: Are we on the right track? What questions or comments? (After pilot and test groups)
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