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Geographical Regions of West Virginia

No description

Brittany Harbour

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Geographical Regions of West Virginia

Geographical Regions of West Virginia 1. Ohio Valley The Ohio Valley stretches along the Ohio River and is mostly made up of valleys and hills. 2. Allegheny Plateau The Allegheny Plateau makes up half of the Appalachian Mountains. It is made up of high plateaus with rivers cutting through them. 3. Allegheny Highlands 4. Potomac Section The Potomac Section is located along the northern border was named for the Potomac River that flows through it. It is known for its rich soil and farmland. There are 4 geographical regions that make up West Virginia. What is a region? An area that has many common features. The Allegheny Highlands is mostly made up of the Appalachian Mountains. It is filled with high peaks and narrow valleys. Let's Review... What is a region?

How many geographical regions are in
West Virginia?

What are the names of the regions?

How would you describe each region?

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