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Jake Meister

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Psychoanalytic Criticism of 1984

By: Jordan Dill and Jake Meister
1984 Class System
The Proles
The lower class of workers that live in the poorest conditions, but are the most free of the social classes. The Party does not spy on them, thinking they aren’t worth it. The Party keeps them entertained with gambling and alcohol. They are kept uneducated and considered harmless. If any one prole shows any signs of intelligence they are destroyed. The proles represent the Id.
The Outer Party
The Outer Party is given state administrative jobs and are composed of the more educated members of society. They directly implement the policies of The Party. They are the artificial middle class and have a very strict set of rules applied to them. They are monitored by telescreens and are encouraged to spy on each other. The Outer Party represent the Ego.
The Inner Party
The Inner Party, making up only 2% of the population, is the ruler of Oceania. They are the upper class with a lot of privileges such as being able to temporarily turn off their telescreens, living in comfortable homes, have good food and drink, having personal servants and access to helicopters and automobiles. No other class may enter Inner Party neighborhoods without a very good reason. The Inner Party represents the Superego.
How do the classes represent the Freudian theories of psychology?
The Id
The Proles in 1984 represent the Id for a multitude of reasons:
They are controlled by The Party. (the Superego)
They act how they are told to act.
They do not think for themselves.
They are not affected by reality, logic or the everyday world.
They demand immediate satisfaction through alcohol or gambling.
The Ego
The Outer Party within 1984 share characteristics with that of the Ego:
They are still controlled by the Inner Party just like the Proles.
They have no concept of right or wrong, they just follow the Inner Party's commands.
They are in place to set an example for the Proles and to keep them from thinking.
They have a better understanding of the real world in comparison to the Proles.
The Superego
The Inner Party is the all powerful Superego in 1984:
They control the Proles impulses on how they act.
They set the image of perfection for the citizens of Oceania.
They punish those who disagree with their ways of thinking.
They are always watching, almost like a conscience.
They control the laws and all other aspects of society.
They are the only ones with the knowledge of the real and outside world.
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