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Brighter Days

No description

jordan shugart

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Brighter Days

There is an estimated 7.056 people in the whole word.

How many of those do you think are affected by others actions daily?

Jordan Shugart
Brighter Days
70 out of 100 children are verbally bullied,and 2 out of 100 children are cyber bullied everyday...
Studies have also shown that nearly 160,000 students stay home from school to avoid being bullied. Does that sound like a nice way to get an education to you?
There are many sources and such that can show you how to avoid bullying, such as treating others with respect or keeping in mind everyone is different not better or worse, just different.

That does not help the children that do not get treated the same or children that end up getting beaten up or taunted all through their school days.

We all seem to think we are all perfect and live our lives genuinely, but does that make sense when we ignore people? Or when we leave someone out because they look or dress funny?

Think about a time where you have gone out of your way to make someone feel included, bet you can count the number of times on your hand.
You may not think you have ever "bullied" someone, but have you left someone out? Not hungout with someone because of they way they look or dress? Those are forms of bullying believe it or not!

How do you think that made that individual feel? Why would you want someone else to not feel good about themselves?

Surely one does not do it on purpose, but it does happen and if you think about what you do before you do it it can prevent things like that to happen!
Alex states in his interview "they say I'm not normal" who decides that? It would take only a group of children to make his days at his school better. Pushing him to the outside is only making it worse for Alex.
You may think it is not affecting these kids in a real way, little do you know what happens behind closed doors. Kids these days do crazy things to release their anger and sadness. Many people cut or they turn to drugs after being abused for so long.
The girl making this video started out just banging her head against the wall when angry.... now look at her, your actions have a much larger impact on people than you think.
Bully victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than a non victim. There are over 4,440 deaths per year by suicide, and at least 350 attempts on their life.

Did you know 14 percent of highschool students have considered suicide and 7 have actually attempted?

Those are large unwelcoming numbers if you ask me.

What can we as neighbors do?
Think of ways you can work with others and help the world in a small way to make the bigger picture better. A little goes a long way in a lot of people's eyes, remember that next time you see someone sitting by themselves.
It is quite simple to reduce those numbers, and quite easy to make others feel how you or other happy people feel. Pass it on and make the trend of acceptance grow!
If you or someone you know is being bullied advise them to visit hotlines or online bully chat rooms. Nothing feels better than getting it out there, and those people are there to help you guys! Please use these resources, we do not need more Alex's or Taylor's.
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