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Elements Of a Short Story

No description

Izzie Cohn

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Elements Of a Short Story

Point of view is the way a character perceives what is happening in the story.

It shows the point of view of madame Loisel and her husband and how they get through losing the necklace.
Point of View
Madame Loisel is the main character. She isn't happy with what she has and thinks she deserves better.
Madame Loisel's Husband is always trying to make his wife happy and is pretty happy with their lives.
Plot & Conflict
-The story begins with a women grieving over her label, she then finds out in the end of the story that all of that fame and fortune and that label was completely worthless.
-they lose a valuable necklace after going to a beautiful ball.
- They are a poor couple and they take a valuable necklace and decide its a good idea, even though its extremely valuable.
-They pay off the lost necklace and return one just like it.
Themes and Symbols
-Madame learned about how she should be grateful for what she has and how place doesn't matter.

-Madame changes in her personality after she lost the necklace and had to work to pay for it.

-The necklace that was only worth 500 francs shows how it shouldn't matter what you look like, it matters on how kind, generous, and friendly you are! You shouldn't matter what scale you stand on because in the end it really doesn't matter.
By Izzie Cohn and Molly Check
Elements Of a Short Story
Setting is where an event takes place.

In the necklace the setting is in France in the 1890's
Main Effect
Setting is where
Main effect is the main thing that happens because of the Cause.

Cause- The necklace goes missing and don't tell the owner.

Main Effect- They spend 10 years paying off a new necklace when the other one was fake. They should have just told the owner in the first place.
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