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Peabody Library Interactive Floor Plans

This is an interactive set of floor plans for the Peabody Library at Vanderbilt University. Click on the circles to zoom in on an area and find out more about it!

Eli Moody

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Peabody Library Interactive Floor Plans

Computer lab, reservable by faculty. Includes a computer and projector for presentations, a printer, and 18 workstations for students. There is also an extra table to provide space for people with laptops. Reservable small group study room. Reservable small group study room. 305A 305B Quiet, comfortable study space. Books with "YOUTH" as a location are shelved here. The Youth Room Seminar Room Welcome to the Peabody Library
Online Tour 1. Click on a floor to explore that level.

2. Click in a circle to learn more about a room.

3. Click outside the circle to view the whole floor.

4. Click outside the floor to see all the floors. Books with "CURRCTR" as a location are shelved here. If you need help, Lara Beth is the person to ask! Curriculum Materials Center Curriculum Design Studio Learning Commons 303 302 Color printer, die cuts, paper cutter, and supplies like construction paper and discarded book covers. 301 300 309 307 306 305 304 Beth is our GIS lady and can help with mapping and census questions.
Handheld GPS units
are available in her office for you to check out. Beth's Office Jason's Office Jason can help with technology support--ask him questions about hardware or software. Flip video cameras are available in his office for you to check out. Lara Beth's Office 308 Lara Beth can help with the Youth and Curriculum collections, laminating, and the Curriculum Design Studio. Reservable small group study room with a Mac compter, TV/VCR/DVD player, and a laserdisk player. Reservable room for up to 25 people. Includes a computer, projector, and screen for presentations, as well as a speakerphone for conference calls. 3rd Floor Staff Offices - Joell, Jacob, and Lara Beth
Seminar Room, Learning Commons, Youth Collection, and Curriculum Resource Center This level of the stacks contains call numbers beginning with A-H. Here are some call numbers that are particularly relevant to Peabody students: 5th Stack Level 2nd Floor and 4th Stack Level 1st Floor and 3rd Stack Level 2nd Stack Level Ground Floor Books with call numbers starting with A-J Service Desk, Computers and Printers, Reference Books, Current Periodicals, Seminar Room
Staff Offices - Eli and Steve
Books with call numbers starting with L-LB1570 Iris Cafe and Fireside Reading Room
Study Rooms 108, 110, 111, 114
Books with call numbers LB1570-Z, Dewey numbers Bound Periodicals Director's Office - Sue Erickson
Staff Offices - Karen, Lee Ann, Leslie, and Stacy
Project Room and A/V Room Iris Cafe Fireside Reading Room All computers in this area have Microsoft Office and provide access to all library resources and databases. Service Desk 5th Level of the Stacks Level of the Stacks 3rd Level of the Stacks 2nd Level of the Stacks 202 201 201B Seminar Room Reference Books Computers Current Periodicals Eli's Office Steve's Office Reference Books Reference Books Printers Current Periodicals Current
Periodicals Mac Computers Mac Computers Soda and
Machines Reservable seminar room, seats 14, contains a Mac computer. Reservable small group study room. Reservable seminar room, seats 12. Reservable small group study room with a Mac computer and a TV/VCR/DVD. 108 111 110 114 Printer Study
Room Study
Room 009 Leslie's
Office This room has movable tables and whiteboards, and is ideal for group projects. 010 011 013 014 Lee Ann's
Office Stacy's
Office Karen's
Office The 8 computers in these two clusters also have Stata 9. There are 2 iMacs in this cluster. Printing costs 4 cents per page if you pay by logging in with your VUNetID or swiping your card. You can also pay cash, which costs 10 cents per page. Journals published in the last 12 months are located on these shelves. If you don't see what you are looking for, be sure to lift the front of the shelf and see if the issue you need is behind the display. Eli is in charge of e-Reserves, and provides technical support for the microfiche equipment. Ask him about his web comic named "Search and Research"! Steve manages the stacks and ILL requests. If you are having trouble locating a book on the shelves, Steve is your guy. Your one-stop source for help at the library. Check out books, laptops, video cameras, and curriculum kits here. Ask for help with your research or your library account. The person at the desk can answer your question, or direct you to the person who provide in-depth assistance. New Books Copy Room You can make traditional copies and pay with cash or your ID card, or you can scan documents to PDF or TIF files and either save them to a flash drive or email them. Scanning is free. History of Higher Education: LA 173-189
School Counseling (HDC): LB 1027.5
Reading: LB 1049 - 1050
Early Childhood Education : LB 1139 - 1547
Elementary Education : LB 1555 - 1570 The Macs in this room have Microsoft Office and Mac's iLife software installed, and provide access to all library catalogs and databases. The PCs in the 3 small study alcoves have Microsoft Office and provide access to all library catalogs and databases. To print from the Mac computers, you must bring your VU ID card to the Print Release Station next to the printer and swipe your card to release your job to the printer. Printing costs 4 cents per page this way. You can pay cash at the service desk if you do not have a VU ID card; printing costs 10 cents per page when you pay with cash. This level of the stacks contains call numbers beginning with L - LB1570. Here are some call numbers that are particularly relevant to Peabody students: The 3rd level of the stacks contains call numbers beginning with LB1570 - Z and all the Dewey Decimal number. Here are some call numbers that are particularly relevant to Peabody students: This level of the stacks contains the bound periodicals, shelved in alphabetical order by their titles. There is also a copy machine here. Quiet, comfortable study space. 004 003 Project Room Quiet, comfortable study space. Microfiche and microfilm readers and storage. Ask at the Service Desk if you would like help with the machines. AV Room Course Reserves Quiet, comfortable study space. Stacy is in
charge of customer service. She coordinates
our student
workers, and
works to keep
our users
happy. Karen is our
Assistant. She
can help you
reserve rooms
here in the
library, and
will gladly
help you in
any other way
she can. Lee Ann is a
librarian and the liaison for
SPED and T&L.
She also does
and can help you
with APA questions. Leslie is a
librarian and
the liaison
for HOD and
PSY. She can
also help you
with APA
and other
questions. Run by Provence Bakery, the Iris Cafe accepts Commodore Cards.
The terrace outside has electrical outlets
and wireless internet The shelves lining the walls of this area contain our reference collection, and cannot be checked-out. The shorter shelves in the middle contain the print reserves and our collection of government docuemnts. Applied Psychology, Counseling (HDC): BF 636-637
Developmental Psychology, infants, children & adolescents (Child Studies): BF 721-724
Leadership: HD 57.7
Organizational Development, Change, Culture: HD 58.7-58.9
Non-profits: HD 62.6
Teams: HD 66-68
Industrial Psychology: HF 5548.7-5548.9
Personnel Management: HF 5549
Groups and Organizations, Community (CDA, CRA): HM 711-810
Social Psychology: HM 1001-1105
Children, Adolescents; Child Development (HDC): HQ 755.7-799.97
Life Skills (HDC): HQ 2035-2039
City Planning, Urban Renewal (CDA, CRA): HT 150-200 4th Elementary Education: LB 1555 - 1602
Secondary Education: LB 1603 - 1696
Training of Teachers: LB 1705 - 2286
Higher Education: LB 2300-2800
School Administration and Organization: LB 2801-3200
Education in Developing Countries: LC 2601-2611
Education of Ethnic Groups: LC 2630-3593
Immigrants, Bilingual Education: LC 3701-3747
Gifted Children & Youth: LC 3991 - 4000
Children with Disabilities: LC 4001 - 4806
Language Acquisition: P 118
Children’s Literature: PN 1009
Child Mental Disorders (P&HD): RJ 503-507 Defibrillator
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