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Brontee Fulton

on 17 June 2015

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What is a Bohemian ?
Bohemia is a state of mind and a way of life, which focuses on the individual and his/her impact on the world.

Bohemian's live an alternate lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, valuing that of creativity, love and the freedom to explore.

Compare Bohemian Values in the 1900's to the 21st Century

Bohemian values of the 19th century consisted of an Urban, liberal outlook, and few visible political passions.
The goal of Bohemia was not to not to be productive but enjoy themselves through sex, others company and alcohol.

The group made a constant effort to reject the values of mainstream society and mick the upwardly mobile bourgenoise. The also devised their own set of rules which defined their social values and impacted on their strong morals and beliefs.

The Doctrine of Bohemianism
- Human Beings are Significant:
believe they have a powerful life force and should use this power to become unique individuals.

- Life is a Gift:
Life is a wonderful gift and that it is meant to be enjoyed, not merely a test. It should be cherished and celebrated.

- The Afterlife is Our Impact on the World:
Afterlife consists of the lasting impact the Bohemian has made upon other human beings and the world. When a Bohemian dies they continue in the hearts and minds of humans touched by a Bohemian.
Values Bohemians Reject
1. They rejected private property and materialism by having no permanent residence anywhere and by surviving on little material wealth.
2. They rejected strict moral values by living carefree lives of alcohol and drug use, as well as open sexual freedom.
3. They rejected the pursuit of wealth by living solely for art and literature's sake, pursuing their passions regardless of whether they gained an income, which they usually did not.
Bohemianism in Moulin Rouge
Originally, the term 'Bohemian' was used to imply a Gypsy life style as many people thought the origin of Gypsies was the country Bohemia. Later the term was used to describe poor writers or artist who traveled to Paris from outer towns. Many of these writers or artists lived in Montmarte, not far from The Moulin Rouge. This night club setting that facilitated the loose behaviour is linked to the title of 'Bohemian'.

Behind the scenes of Moulin Rouge, the Bohemian theme of the movie was inspired by the opera 'La Bohème' (The Bohemian). The opera in tails the story of a young man who lives with a group of poor artists and writers. He then falls in love with a beautiful girl. Baz Luhrmann used and incorporated the well known opera into the production of Moulin Rouge.
Values of Bohemianism
Bohemian life was carefree. As part of their rebellion against society, Bohemians felt no reason to exhibit moral or socially acceptable behavior.

They tended to indulge in alcohol, as well as drug experimentation. which were used by many to help with inspiration.
nineteenth century
twentieth century
To be bohemian in the 20th century is regarded as a cultural position, the trend is considered to be thinkers who lack. structure.

‘Boho’ is a style or trend that explores - free spiritedness and an independent frame of mind,

Internet gives Bohemians opportunities, by creating a detachment from the cooperate fed of society. Urbanism is tightly bound to the trend.

Overall being eccentric, rebellious and amoral

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