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Inspire Applications Prezi

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on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Inspire Applications Prezi

Clear Housing
Barrel Charger
Security Screws
Data Only USB Port
No Camera
No Bluetooth
No Speaker
No Micro SD Card Slot
Non-Removable Battery
Locked Bootloader (only GTL OS can be loaded)
No "Settings"
No Factory Reset
No Web Browser
WAP accessible by GTL device Only
Ability to detect unauthorized devices attempting to connect to network
Start with blacklist, then whitelist approved devices, vs. opposite approach
Confirms no unauthorized/unmonitored communication can happen through the app
Checks for viruses/malicious code
Vets app to confirm content is inmate-appropriate
Ensures no social media links are embedded within the app
Inspire Charging Options
Wall Charger - allows inmates
to charge tablets in cells.
Wall Cabinet - allows inmates to check in/out tablets at a central, permanent, location.
Operational Procedures
Tablet Stay with Inmate

Tablets Live in Pods
Tablets are physically assigned (probably by property officer). Tablet moves with inmate. When released, inmate hands tablet back to PO. Tablet is ready for next inmate.

Tablets live in charging carts. In-pod officer assigns a tablet to an inmate via policy. If an inmate moves, they leave the tablet there, and get a new tablet at their new pod.
Facility Policy
GTL Document link
Digitally disseminate documents to offenders
Upload rules and regulation handbooks, prea material, general instructions, notification...etc
Provide educational information
Free for offenders to use at any given point
GTL Commissary Link
Offender can select and order items to be filled directly by the commissary vendor
Product images make the electronic store easy to navigate and correctly select the desired items
Offender access rules to the commissary app can be applied individually by offender and by offender group
GTL Request link
Offenders submit requests electronically
Requests can be tracked, reviewed, and responded to by staff
Provides facilities with a new level of operational efficiency
Allows staff to remain focused on safety and security
"The Inspire offers industry proven technology and applications, preparing offenders for re-entry to society, while helping facilities become more efficient and effective in fulfilling their mission of rehabilitation."

Anthony Bambocci , Chief Marketing Officer, GTL
Inspire: The Future of Corrections
Inspire Security Features
Inspire Application Features
Inspire Facility Operations
Why Inspire Matters

Hardware Security
Operating System Security
Wireless Security
Network Security
Application Security
Inspire: The Future of Corrections
Future of Inmate Communication
Society is changing the way in terms of how we communicate.  If inmates can only make phone calls in a society where phone calls are eschewed in favor of email, text, social media; recidivism is going to rise due to limited opportunities of interaction of inmates with their loved ones.

Reduction of Recidivism through Education
Correctional Education has proven to increase employment opportunities when released as well as reduce recidivism
Rand Study reported 13% reduction in recidivism for inmates who participated in educational programs and odds of inmates obtaining employment if they participated in vocational programs was 28% higher.

Correction Facilities
The Inspire tablet can provide valuable dollars to sustain safe correctional environments for rehabilitation

"Using Inspire tablets has allowed us to provide valuable educational content to our inmates, helping them to prepare for productive lives once they are released. In addition, providing tablets to individuals has lessened conflicts surrounding the use of traditional inmate phones and given inmates productive ways to spend their time."

Gregory Ahern, Sheriff, Alameda County
Thank You
GTL Education Center
Education will help reduce recidivism
Provides inmates opportunity for self-paced curriculum
Immediate access to educational content
GTL Games Center
Prevents inmates from engaging in violent behavior during idle time
Encourages development of analytic and motor skills
Helps keep prisons, staff and inmate communities safer
GTL Music Center
Music can relieve stress, by triggering biochemical stress reducers
A mechanism used to intellectually stimulate inmates in a productive manner
Allows prisons to focus on safety for both the inmates and the prison itself.

GTL E-book Center
Provides a safe means of delivering literature versus traditional paperback books
Prevents transport of contraband and increases security
Fosters environment with readily accessible literature, promoting intellectual discussion among inmates - further reducing violence

Five Key layers to gtl sECURITY
Ever since GTL has deployed Inspire tablets to correctional facilities across the U.S., GTL prides itself in
security incidents!
Security Recap
security issues
issues of inmates hiding contraband in the device
issues of inmates using the devices as weapons
issues of inmates accessing content that is not permitted outside of our secured network (aka facebook...etc)
GTL Message link
One -way and two-way electronic communication
Photo attachments and video clips
Request to print e-messages and photo attachments
Communications are saved storage servers and can be searched, downloaded and be easily reviewed by investigators or other facility users with the necessary permissions.
First set of headsets: Issued by the property officer to a new inmate
Subsequent headsets: Sold via commissary at roughly $2.5 each.
To avoid hoarding, GTL advocates having inmates turn in a broken pair of headsets in order to buy a new set.
Inspire Headphones Policy
GTL Provides Two Excellent Education Options:
Inspire: The Future of Corrections
Strategy | Insight | Technology
Adult Basic Ed/High School Equivalency

Vocational Education

GTL’s education blends self-paced learning, practice assessments, and relevant curricula with instruction in Math, Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Science, and Social Studies. Instruction is appropriate for learners at the ABE level through the ASE level.
GTL’s Vocational education options includes 20 to 30 of the most in-demand trades. With engaging and informative content, inmates will be better prepared for employment opportunities upon release.
How GTL Separates from Competitors
Jpay: Wifi deployments, model where inmates do not have to pay for tablet hardware, streaming music (as opposed to mp3), interactive educational content (jpay only selling an LMS), had a security breach for their music program, not deploying 1:1 tablet to inmate ratio (which leads to hoarding), cannot make phone calls to date
Securus: Custom tablet (securus using a commercial device), rental model which puts on the onus on staff to collect tablets if inmates stop paying, model where inmates do not have to pay for tablet hardware, we have a 4” and 7” device (jpay only a 7”), not deploying 1:1 tablet to inmate ratio
Telmate: Custom tablet (telmate using a commercial device), only able to charge inmates on a per minute basis, not deploying 1:1 tablet to inmate ratio (which leads to hoarding), cannot make phone calls to date, reports that they have use content they haven’t properly licensed
Keefe: Little to no tablets deployed thus unproven
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