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Copy of 2013 SD PCT Gathering

DHS strategic plan and PCP

Dan Hoblick

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 2013 SD PCT Gathering

Sustaining efforts are occurring. The 2013 DHS Strategic Plan consists of multiple Person Centered strategies, each providing a specific course of action for carrying out the department's goals and overall mission.
Growing PCP in South Dakota
Results are already being realized
How about
Everyone fits into the 2013 DHS Strategic Plan. It's a partnership. Take a closer look and see what role you can play in carrying out the department's mission to optimize the quality of life of people with disabilities.
... a clear path ahead for South Dakota and Person Centered Practices, rooted in a strong tradition of individualized services for people.
The plan began taking shape, working with Community Support Providers in January 2007.
... branching out to Self-Advocates
Where it started
The idea was to help people get better LIVES not just better paper.
...extending to Families
Extending to Employment strategies...
The first South Dakota Gathering occurring in November 2010 - themed "Keep the fire burning"
The 2013 DHS Strategic Plan made its public debut in January during the legislative session, serving as a tool to inform lawmakers and interest groups.
Progress has already been made on several of the DHS strategic plan strategies, and managers are assessing ways for their divisions and employees to assign, analyze and achieve the rest -- with measurable results.
... is already bearing fruit.
The Path to Employment

Welcome to the 4th annual SD PCT Gathering...
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