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Copy of Anti-Bullying Day ?

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Ashley Melle

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Anti-Bullying Day ?

Pink Shirt Day

Can I Help You?
"It started as a simple saying that didn't really have any meaning behind it.
Joey brought it up at our Youth Facilitating training and said that he stopped a fight by walking up to the confrontation and saying, can I help you?
Throughout the rest of the training we all started to say it more and more as a joke, but Joey and I (Johnny) started talking after and decided to put it on a shirt because we thought it would be funny. After Joey got the shirt done we were thinking that this could mean something. So Joey and I spent hours upon hours working on making ' Can I Help You' a big thing. We have talked to our administration for their input, and now we will be selling these shirts at our school.
We are very passionate about this because we want people to step up and not be bystanders when someone is being bullied. "
True or False?
Is bullying friendly teasing?
Did you know?
More than 70% of kids have been bullied online. What can you to help?

If you see a hurtful comment on someone's picture, you can have their back and defend them.

Just that one little action could save someones' life.
People can choose to use their power in a positive way to help create a school that is free of bullying.

Now it is up to each and everyone of you, on how you use your
True or False?
Does standing up and intervening in bullying situations make a difference?
True or False?
Is bullying based on a power difference?
Bullying is the third most cause of death among teens.
Abi's Video
Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength. Youth who bully are exerting their power over the people they target
When children and youth stand up and intervene, more than half the time bullying will stop in 10 seconds or less.

We all have the
to make a huge difference in stopping and preventing bullying.
'Friendly' teasing that is not bullying behavior can happen between children and youth. An important factor to consider is the intent of the person.

Were they intending to hurt the other person?
Cyber Bullying
Did you know that 90% of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) students have reported of being bullied for who they are?
What to do if you see someone being targeted? ?
Stand up and say something
Reach out to the person being bullied
Tell someone who can help
Walk away and get help
Be assertive, not aggressive
Invite the student being harassed to leave the situation with you

By Johnny Roy
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