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1. About YKSPian / 2. About KSP / 3. KSP program cycle / 4. Blog address

Moe Park

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of YKSPians

What is KSP? Participation-Oriented
Approach Comprehensive Consultation Demand-Driven
Approach Project topics are selected based on the needs & requests from the development partner countries(DPC) and tailored to meet the development objectives. Korean experts from the public & private sector jointly work with experts of the partner countries. KSP is composed of policy research work, policy consultation and policy training, which aims to promote policy formulating and implementing capabilities. (KSP Program cycle) In general, a KSP consultation is a one-year duration program. Demand Identification Policy Research Policy Consultation DPC M&E Application
Written Demand Survey
Project Planning (JAN-APR)
High-level Demand Identification Visit (APR-MAY) Pilot Study Visit
Local Reporting Workshop & Additional Visits (MAY-SEP)
Interim Reporting & Policy Practitioner's Workshop (OCT-NOV) Final Reporting Workshop & Senior Policy Dialogue
Dissemination Seminar (FEB-) Monitoring
Evaluation one-year program Strategic DPC three-year program 1st year: Policy research and consultation
2nd year: Institution and capability building
3rd year: Project evaluation and sectoral linkage Who are you, YKSPian? YKSPian is a group of undergraduate&graduate students who aim to become a true global leader through hands-on experience of Knowledge Sharing Program, which helps them to strengthen their capability and broadens their international view. So, how does it work? Visit our blog
http://blog.naver.com/ykspians For more information... Then,
What's the key accomplishments of KSP? Policy recommendations on the establishment of the Vietnam Development Bank

Policy recommendations included in Kuwait's '5 Year Economic Development Plan'

Negotiation tactics/know-how on Azerbaijan's accession to the WTO

Policy recommendations on establishing an SEZ in Uzbekistan & follow-up project

Policy recommendations on the establishment of Saudi Arabia's EBS

Policy recommendations adopted through presidential decrees of Dominican Republic: Periodical export promotion meetings, overseas marketing and information collection efforts Or visit KSP website
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