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e-government in Korea

No description

J Yoon

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of e-government in Korea

1987 2007 2001 1996 2002 Construction of National Backbone Network 2000 Act on Informatization Promotion Amendment of e-Government Act Act on Expantion of Dissemination and Promotion of Utilization of Information System 11 initiatives for
e-Government 31 Roadmap Project
for e-Government Expantion of Integration
and Connection Informatization Promotion Foundation-building for High-speed
Inforamtion and Communications Unit for function-based Informatization
-Procurement, Passport, Patent, Customs etc partial connection
between unit tasks Unification of frameworks for national Informatization and e_Government Implementation Digital Society Development of Korea (2011) by NIA Digital Society Development of Korea (2011) by NIA Smart Government
Implementation Plan 2011 Digital Society Development of Korea (2011) by NIA Act on e-Government Building the National Basic Information System
Computerized Resident Registration,
Real-Estate and Vehicles On-nara Business Process System (BPS) 11,000 users, including 116,000 from the Central government and 95,000 from local governments are currently using the On-nara BPS.
•P ublic officials’ average reduction of business processing time: 8.06 hours → 5.8 hours (2.26 hours are shortened) Internet Civil Services (www.minwon.go.kr) Electronic Customs Clearance Service (portal.customs.go.kr) Comprehensive Tax Services (www.hometax.go.kr) Electronic Procurement Service (www.g2b.go.kr) http://ecfs.scourt.go.kr/
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