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New England States

No description

Kaitlyn Nickel

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of New England States

New England Cuisine
By: Kaitlyn N. and Mallory L
States and Capitols
Pilgrims were taught to grow corn, beans, and squash they were taught by the native americans, and epically by Squanto because she knew how to speak English.
The three foods pilgrims were taught to grow
Some of the dishes the pilgrims made are
Succotash was made from corn and beans
Hasty pudding was made from mashed dried corn and water
Samp which was like a hash
Some of the dishes pilgrims made
The pilgrims principle food was fish some examples that include it are clambakes.

What is Cape Cod Turkey?
It is a cod that is baked and stuffed
Their Priciple food
Augusta, Maine
Montpelier, Vermont
Concord, New Hampshire
Providence, Rhode Island
Hartford, Connecticut
Boston, Massachusetts
What is Chowder? How is New England Clam Chowder made?
Chowder is a soup, that is usally made with white sauce and clams
What is New England Boiled Dinner
This meal includes a piece of corned beef cooked with potatoes, onions, cabbage, and carrots
What makes Red Flannel hash red? What is the symbol of New England cuisine?
The beets make the hash become red

The symbol of this cuisine is cranberries and it has many uses like dye, medicine, and it's a good source of vitamin c.
About Johnny cakes and Journey cakes
Journey cakes are is cornbread in the shape of a pancake. Also it got it's name since it was a food taken on journey's often.

Johnny cakes are the samething because it's a journey cake but as time went by they became pronounced johnny cakes instead.
Boston Brown Bread
Parker House
Three popular New England Breads
The symbol of New England cusisine
The symbol of new england cusine was the cranberry, they were used for medicine & dye. It also provided vitamin C
New England Desserts
Two new england desserts are Cobblers and Pandowdies, they are like a pie but have no bottom crust
Two sweetners native to the area are Maple syrup and molasses
Cooking utensils and eating customs
Some of the pilgrims cooking utensils were a stove, an iron kettle, and a spider skillet. Some of their eatong cudotmd are using a salt celllar and a trencher.
Holiday started in this area
The holiday started in this area was thanksgiving. Traditional foods eaten at this holiday are mashed potatoes and turkey.
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