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The Power of Running Records

No description

Shannon Doggett

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Power of Running Records

Shannon Doggett
May 2014

What is a Running Record?
Miscue Analysis
When readers are using their syntax cuing system they often substitute nouns for nouns, verbs for verbs, etc. in the correct tenses.
This indicates readers are aware of their structure of language.
The Power of Running Records
Did the visual features of print (letters, word) influence the error?
a general rule: If the reader’s miscue has 50% or more of the same letters as the text word he/she was using his visual cuing system.
Does this miscue make sense within the context of the text? If so, the student is using meaning, so mark M
Analyze up to and including the error - do not consider after the words when analyzing
A method of assessing reading that can be done quickly and frequently
Originally developed by Marie Clay, the originator of Reading Recovery
A snapshot of reading behavior to capture what students know and understand about the reading process

Easy to Access Running Records
Grade Level Criteria
Why Use Running Records?
To guide our teaching
To form groups
To match readers to texts
To inform parents
To document growth over time
To determine if a student needs intervention
How to Take a Running Record
Standard Procedures
Comprehension Conversation
correct words
total words
Accuracy = __________________ = %
If student inserts many words, you could have more errors than running words (lower levels)
Score the page as having the same number of errors as words on a page (pg. 24 F&P Assessment Guide)
Reading Rate
How many words read per minute (WCPM)
An indicator of ability to process text with ease
Suggested for levels J and up
Time student for one minute OR for entire running record then do math
How much is student monitoring or noticing errors in his reading
SC rates of 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 are good

self corrections + errors

4+16 20
_____ = ______ = 1:5
4 4
Tool for looking closely at the types of reading strategies a reader uses.
Fluent readers use all three cuing systems effectively
An over-reliance on one system can cause problems for readers
When he/she makes miscues, we can determine areas of need (what clues readers are not using) and provide our readers with explicit instruction in these areas.
V =
S =
M =
Goal: determine highest independent and highest instructional levels
Start with an easy level to build success
Alternate fiction an nonfiction
Let's Score: Wyatt
Looking at Strengths and Needs
Monitor Progress
Running Records are a Bridge to Instruction
Dr. Richard Allington, 2014
Use running records to see if students have learned new strategies
Matching Readers to Texts
Forming Groups
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