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Stopping distances

No description

tareq salimi

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Stopping distances

Stopping Distances
Mason and
Tareq Stopping Distance Is the time it takes to go from your speed to a complete stop STOPPING DISTANCE CONDITIONS Reaction time
Weather Conditions
Vehicle Weight
Brake Conditions
Type/Condition of Tires
Road Conditions
Speed FEET PLACEMENT For the Brake - Right Foot
For the Gas Pedal - Right Foot
For a Clutch - Left Foot A clutch is found in manual cars, and it is to the left of the gas and brake pedals. You press the clutch, in order to move the stick shift, to change gears. What is a Clutch? COMMON MISTAKE New drivers tend to slam the brakes as hard as they can. That's bad, so don't do that. Braking Distance When the brakes are applied in a vehicle moving at a specified speed. The braking distance on a dry surface traveling at 60 mph is 300 feet.
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