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William Shakespeare:

No description

Sharungan Jegatheesan

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare :
* The Shakespearean period was not clean
* It is totally different to living in our time.
* Some of the things they did will disgust you
* Your going to be shocked at the end of this presentation
* Sit tight and enjoy.
Poo, Gardyloo, what's that all about?
* In shakespeare's time there were no toilets
* SO they deposited there poo through out the windows eeurgh
*They shouted ' Gardyloo '
*Imagine that you are walking along the street, and poo is thrown
out of the window and it lands on you. How would you feel?
The Plague
The reason:
* That the unclean rodents who had been infected by fleas,
was thought to had started the plague.
*The rats were also the cheapest way of torturing another
human sole.

Black Death:
*As the disease struck, it had taken over 1/3 of Europe.
*This was known as the 'Black Death'
*The Black death was known to be started by rats.
*The villagers locked themselves from the diseases, too take the smell of death away, then they carried around flowers to
ward of the smell. Thats were the Medieval Doctors came.
Medieval Doctors:
*Medieval Doctors wore masks, which
carried flowers to ward off the bad smell.
* When the Black Death came to their
area, the couldn't do anything but to
bled the patient or administer a concoction of herbs.
What can you see in this picture?
*The houses are getting burnt.
*People wanted to get rid of the disease.
*They burnt the houses with diseases of the dead, and not
forgetting the 'Black Death'
*Also, villages were burnt down for the same reason.
*With all the burning, they thought they had killed the
disease, just as they thought it was over, a new rash of
illness hit the town.
How does this picture link to the rats
at William's time?
What does this picture mean?
*This picture represents rubbish, and people's unwanted
* Rats are attracted to things like this. And at the time
they threw their trash outside onto a street.
*In a rats view, it would be like heaven. With all the
leftover food, and the villagers unwanted stuff.

What have we learnt?
*We have learn about how people deposited their toilet
waste in William's time.
*How the plague started?
*What was Black Death?
*How they tried to cure black death?
*Who were the 'Medieval Doctors', how they reacted to
the disease, and how they looked like?
*How were the rats linked to the 'Plague'?
* Disastrous outbreak
* Spread all over Europe
* Thousands died
* William was born during the plague
* He went to his mother's house to avoid
it, Mary Arden
* Shakespeare's siblings died
* Physician Doctor
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