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Roman Emperor Constantine

Project for Social Studies

Keegan King

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Roman Emperor Constantine

Constantine's Life Flavius Valerius Constantinus

Constantines Eulogy! Accomplishments and Innovations Constantine Photos Bibliography Before Constantine was an emperor, he was an officer in Rome. Constantine was practically born into the war bloodline. His dad, Constantius Chlorus, took over much of the eastern province which started the divisions of the Roman empire. Constantine had two wives - Fausta, and Minerva.
Later, Constantine became the 57th emperor and
chose the Greek City of Byzantium for his capitol.
Constantine had also had five children, who's names were Crispus, Constantius II, Constans, Constantine, and Helena.

Constantine the Great died on May 22, 337 AD in Constantinople, a city named in his honor. Constantine had ruled from 306 AD - 337 AD. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to convert fully to Christianity. Constantine the Great and his assistant emperor issued the Edict of Milan which said that there would be a tolerance of all religions.
Constantine the Great defeated the emperors Maxentius and Lincinius during the Civil Wars.
Constantine defeated the Franks, Alamanni, Visigoths, and Sarmatians during his time in rule.
He also resettled some parts of Dacia, which had been abandoned in the previous century.
Constantine even built a new city at the Byzantium, naming it New Rome, but in Constantine the Great's honor, the people called it Constantinople. The Building of Constantinople Works Cited
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"Political Organization." RomeTheEternalCity1011. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. Constantine the Great was a proud ruler of Rome. Constantinople was a City that Constantine settled. It was originally called New Rome. Lincinius was Constantine's Co Emperor. Constantine was the first emperor to believe in Christianity. Constantinople was the capitol of the Eastern Roman Empire. Nowadays the city is called Istanbul. The original name of Constantinople was New Rome, but the people began to call it Constantinople in Constantine the Great's Honor. Before it was called New Rome, it was the Byzantium. After Rome fell, Constantinople became Rome's heart.
Constantinople Geography
Constantinople was built on 7 hills. It's built on Rome's rocky terrain.

Constantine the Great was born February 27 in the year 272 as the son of Constantius Chlorus. He went to the army as an adult and became an imperial bodyguard while he was appointed as a soldier. He was appointed in the year 306-A.D. He ruled for 41 years,and he died on May 22 337 A.D. He was the first Roman emperor to support christianity.Constantine defeated Licinius who ruled the eastern world and put him to death. He was now the sole ruler of the Roman World. His dad was Constantius Chlorus who was the 54th emperor of Rome. He had two wives they were Fausta, and Minervina Even though he was christian he allowed other religions. Constantine defeated emperors Maxentius and Licinius during civil wars so he could be the one ruler By: Olivia Heltman, Michael Shipp, Anna Comstock, Erich Phingstag, Anthony Wehage, and Keegan
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