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Sosi Taslagian

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of MACBETH

What was Shakespeare's primary historical source for Macbeth? To what extent is Macbeth a "history play"? Why is it more often included as a tragedy?
Shakespeare's main plot source for Macbeth was the Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
History takes a big part in Macbeth. Much of King James' history is included in the play.
In Macbeth people's lives are destructed and lost.
What are/were the fates? The Norns? Who was/is Hecate?
Fates: Were three European mythological goddesses.
Norns: Were women who ruled the fate of gods and men.
Hecate: A goddess of Greek mythology.
What was the prevailing attitude toward witchcraft in England during Shakespeare's time? What superstitions/beliefs about witchcraft existed? What was a witch's "familiar"?
During Shakespeare's time witchcraft was not tolerated. The Salem Witch Trials began during this time.
People believed saying the name "Macbeth" would put a curse on the theater and actors.
In European belief a witch's familiar was a supernatual existance that assisted witches in their practice of magic.
What is Scotland's connection to witches during this time frame?
During this time many women were convicted of witchcraft in Scotland. Shakespeare uses these historical events in his play.

Salem Witch Trials
How was King James connected to witchcraft?
King James was believed to have taken part in some witch trials. He also wrote a book in which he was in favor of witchcraft.
What was a "Thane"?
A Thane was a man who was granted lands by the king for military services.
For whom was the play Macbeth first performed? What influence(s) might that have on the play's production?
Macbeth was first performed at Hampton Court in 1606 for King James I. This
Sosi Taslagian
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