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Its about forest cats whos homes are being destroyed

brendon currier

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Dawn

Dawn BY:Erin Hunter Prezi by: Brendon Currier Main Cats Fire star: Firestar is the leader of the thunder clan and is very respected in all the clans as a warrior.
Lepordstar:Lepordstar is the leader of riverclan and will not leave the forest unless Blackstar does.
Blackstar: Blackstar is the leader of shadowclan during the book the twolegs attack his clans camp and all of the other clans help save his clan from the twoleg monsters.
Tallstar:Tallstar is the leader of windclan he is very respected by Firestar and is the oldest cat in the forest he is so old he can barely walk.
Starclan: Starclan is the clan were all of the cats that have died go to hunt with their warrior ancestors Connections The connection with the book I have is behind my dads house. There are alot of wild cats and I wanted to see what their lives might be like. I also like cats so that is the connection I have with this book. Recomendations I Would recomend this book to any one who likes animals that have problems during their lives but, not people who like animals that have problems in their lives and hate when animals die. I think this book is good for someone in forth to eighth grades and around 10 to 15 years old. Plot During Dawn the cats in some of the four clans were captured by twolegs and put in the pound and couldn`t get out. When Leafpaw found out where the cats were she took alot of clan cats even graystripe (thunderclan deputy) to rescue the captured clan cats. Eventually all four clans had to leave the forest because they had no where to sleep because the twolegs destroyed their homes. Cited sources htthttp://heavysoul.blogspot.com/2008/08/big-12-vs-big-10-mascots.htmlp://www.iberianature.com/mammals/other-carnivores/wild-cats-in-spain/
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