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Blackstone Group

"The break down"

Darrell Roberts

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Blackstone Group

"First Thing First" Blackstone Apparel Designers
Sketches (front and back)
Notes: All designs should be in full detail. We need to know the suggested fabric as well as any other material needed (buttons, zippers, etc...). Product Sizes
What needs to be done?
Notes: Size variation needs to be agreed upon. (What sizes will the product be offered in? (ex. XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, Petite, Big & Tall)) Sourcing Manufacturers
Fabric and materials
-Do we need to supply them? Figure out the connection.
-Source fabric and textiles
-Source materials needed for each design
Product label w/ size *need art work
Product care (tags) *need info.
Hang tags *need art work
Price tags *need info.
Size stickers for tees
Notes: Most manufacturers are item specific, meaning that they specialize in a specific type of item or product (ex. leather). How will you monitor product control? Product (cont.) Italian Designer, Alice Gara Custom garment boxes *need art work
Custom tissue *need art work
Apparel bags (for tees) *need art work
Custom sticker labels *need art work
Product care cards *need art work & info.
Advertisement/ info.
Reciepts *need art work & info. Packaging Product Distribution Methods of ordering (for consumers)
-Shop tab (user friendly)
-Online boutique (user friendly)
-Other avenues of on-line sales
Sales/ sale events/ discounts/ coupons
Payment method/ process (both ways) per method
Receipts (physical & printable on-line)
Return policy
Shipping procedure (free shipping?)
Receiving address
Keep track of all orders & sales (incl. returns)
Mailing list for thank you letters
Tell us about your experience (on-line)
E-file w/ purchasing history (for each customer incl. stores)
Notes: Build report with customers. Customers should be able to attain V.I.P. status. Ex. of her work Facebook/ Shop tab Clean up facebook
Direct traffic to like page
Organize posts (pictures, videos, information, etc...)
Shop tab
Photo for each product
Title & description for each product Coming soon... Online Boutique Additional Tasks Scheduling & employee management site
Employee business cards
Employee e-mail accounts
Social media
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