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IB English--World Lit Essay Overview

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Sarah Ray

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of IB English--World Lit Essay Overview

Foundation Essay Overview Mrs. Ray's assistance Notes and reminders Deadlines Rubric considerations - How much knowledge and understanding has the student shown of the work studied in relation to the assignment?
- To what extent does the student appreciate how the writer's choices of form, structure, technique, and style shape meaning?
- How effectively have the ideas been organized and how well are references to the text integrated into the development of the ideas?
- How clear, varied, and accurate is the language? First step: Reflective Statements

"How was your understanding of
cultural and contextual
considerations of the work
developed through the interactive
oral?" 1200-1500 words
1. Decide precisely on which topic you will pursue out of one of your pieces of supervised writing.
2. Refer back to your text --> decide whether you have a topic that is both true to the way the work is developed and for which you can gather enough evidence to support your argument.
3. Consult with Mrs. Ray about your topic (short outline needed).
4. Look carefully at rubric for essay. IB English World Lit Essay 1. Conference regarding topic (student
will carefully create and bring outline
to the conference)
2. Provide feedback, recommendations on
first draft; to point out general or
recurrent problems with organization, detail, and presentation.
3. Will not include exhaustive editing
help! The first draft should be a clean copy without technical errors such as spelling and punctuation, and should also meet the word length requirement.
Must use parenthetical citations in your text when incorporating material from the text.
May use secondary sources--if done so, these must be included in your Works Cited page.
Topic/outline conferences:
Mon. 1/28 for A-Day,
Tues. 1/29 for B-Day

Typed first draft due:
Tues. 2/5 for A-Day,
Wed. 2/6 for B-Day

Conferences held 2/7-2/13

Final drafts due: Wed. 2/20 (A) and Thurs. 2/21 (B)

* subject to adjustment as needed
HL and SL Second step: Supervised Writing

Short essay conveying initial ideas on one of the prompts given you to for each text.

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