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Allan Legere "Monster of Miramichi"

No description

Shannon Taggart

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Allan Legere "Monster of Miramichi"

Allan Legere "Monster of Miramichi"
His Story
Legere worked for most of his life as a car salesman outside of Ottawa (1)
His crimes started out as only petty thefts but eventually built up to rapes, beatings and murders
By the time he was caught again after escaping the first time Legere had killed 5 people (1)
Actus Reus:
The guilty act was Legere murdered, robbed,raped and beat 5 people
John Glendenning - store owner (1)
Annie Flam - 75 year old woman (1)
Dona and Linda Lou Daughney (sisters) (2)
James Smith - Catholic Priest (2)
Additional Testimony

In only the prosecution there was expected to be more than 240 witnesses called. (3)
The crown would present all the evidence found.
Everyone seemed to have a different opinion on why Legere did what he did.
Some say he was just a sad man and this is how he reached "happiness" others say he was holding a grudge against the town and this was his revenge.
His Defense
In front of a jury including 6 woman and 5 men Legere pleaded "not guilty" to a soon to be discovered guilty case (1)
Criminal Code Charges
Legere was charged with 4 counts of first degree murder (1)
Legere soon became very unlucky. This was the first case in Canadian legal history that ever used fingerprints as evidence
Eye Witness (3)
" He tucked me in like a little child and told me I was going to die."
Mens Rea:
Legere had a criminal state of mind when he broke into the the shopkeeper's (John Glendenning) store and he did this with intention
This was quoted by Nina Flam who was beaten within inces of her life and also the family member of Annie Flam. Although Nina did not go up on the stand she confessed in an interview of all the things that happened that night
Crown Argument
Media Opinion
Throughout the time of the "Monster of Miramichi" everyone remained terrified until he was put in jail and remained in jail. The area was agitated halloween was canceled in that year (1)
Court Ruling and Sentence
When the trial finally came to an end Legere was found guilty and got a sentence of 25 years until he could apply for parole which is unlikely.
My Opinion
I believe the outcome of the case was in the best favor for our country. Criminals like Legere need to be put behind bars for as long as possible. Its what they deserve for the things they have done.
The town of Miramichi and the surrounding towns had never seen anything like Legere, the fact that he had escaped once before did not settle citizen's nerves either.
Joesph Ivory also presented himself as an eye witness. He claimed to have chased Legere after seeing him lurking around the Flam house.
also found at the crime scene of the Flam sisters glasses were found (3)
Opticians testified with the fact that they had prepared the found glasses for Legere
DNA (semen) extracted from Nina Flam and from the Daughney sisters home which has only been tested a small amount of Canadian trials
When the trial was over and Legere was found guilty the crown attorney turned to the jury and said "I don't usually comment on verdicts ... but let me say this. Don't lose too much sleep over your verdict." (1)
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3. Macleans Editorial Team. Canadas Most Notorious Crimes. N.p.: Macleans, n.d. Print.

Legere broke code 6.1 which states "Irrespective of whether a murder is planned and deliberate on the part of a person, murder is first degree murder". the first murder he committed was not planned but he did plan to break into John Glenddening's store. Legere also broke code 5 section 271 "Irrespective of whether a murder is planned and deliberate on the part of any person, murder is first degree murder in respect of a person when the death is caused by that person while committing or attempting to commit an offence under one of the following sections"... section 271 (4)
4."Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, C. C-46)." Legislative Services Branch. N.p., 11 Aug. 2013. Web. 7 Nov. 2013. <http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-231.html>.
2. Macleans Editorial Team. Macleans: Canada's Worst Crimes in 2012. N.p.: Macleans, n.d. Print.
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