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Magic Johnson

No description

hayden cass

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Magic Johnson

He inspired me to never give up your dream.
How he inspired me
More Facts
HIV is a disease that Johnson got before the 1991-92 season. In a press conference held on November 9, 1991, he announced that he would retire immediately (he did but then came back). Johnson said he did not know how he got the disease. Then he was voted in the 1992 all-stars. He scored 25 points in 29 minutes.
He is one of 7 people who have won a NCAA championship, NBA title and a Olympic gold medal
Johnson went to Michigan State University. He picked Michigan State over Michigan because Michigan State's head coach said he could play point guard. Johnson averaged 17.0 ppg 7.9 apg 7.4 rpg as a freshman. In his sophomore year he reached the finals and was playing Larry Bird and Indiana State. Michigan State won and Johnson was named Most Outstanding Player in Final Four. That was the most watched college basketball game of all time.
Earvin Johnson
Magic Johnson has received a lot of awards and accomplishments. These are some of them.
When it came to the Olympics, Johnson was not prepared after taking off a season. He had to train hard. They played Cuba first. They won. Then they played Argentina and the person guarding Johnson was asking Johnson for an autographed USA jersey the whole game. (He sent the guy a replica of the autographed jersey.) Johnson averaged about 8 points, 2 rebounds, and 6 assists. He also got a gold medal.
By Hayden Cass
5x NBA champion
1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988
3x NBA finals MVP
1980, 1982, 1987
3x NBA most valuable player
1987, 1989, 1990
12x NBA all star
1980, 1982-1992
2x NBA all star MVP
1990, 1992
All NBA second team
9x all NBA first team

All rookie first team
4x NBA assist leader
1983, 1984, 1986, 1987
2x NBA steals leader
1981, 1982
J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award
NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time team
Number 32 retired by Los Angeles Lakers
NCAA Champion
NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player
Consensus first team All-American
Johnson was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He was born August 14, 1959. He had 6 siblings. His dad worked at a motor company and his mom was a stay at home mom. Johnson was coached by his father. His favorite basketball player growing up was Bill Russell. He started to play basketball on a team in middle school. Once when he was in eighth grade he scored 48 points. Then he went to Ervett High school . At Ervett he got the name Magic from getting 36 points, 16 assist and 15 rebounds.
Michigan State
NBA Career
At the end of Johnson's sophomore year, he went to the NBA. He was the 1st overall pick in the 1979 NBA draft. He went to the Lakers. The Lakers won the coin toss against the Bulls to get the 1st overall pick. In his rookie year he averaged 18.0 ppg 7.7 rpg 7.3 apg. In that year they won the Title. In 1980-81 season Johnson suffered a torn cartilage in his knee and missed 45 games. Johnson did return for the playoffs. Then in the next season Johnson had a fight with his coach and demanded to be traded but the coach got fired that day. Next season he averaged 18.6 ppg 9.6 rpg 9.5 apg which led the Lakers to the championship
to face the 76ers for the third straight year. Lakers won and Johnson got the Finals MVP award for the second time. Next season he averaged 17.6 ppg 13.1 apg 7.3 rpg. That year they got in the finals but lost. The next year (1985-86) he averaged about 18 points, 13 assists and 6 rebounds. They won in the finals. Then later on he became head coach of the Lakers (1994-95).
He has a video game of him called Magic Johnson's Fast Break released 1988
He inspired the NBA to come up with the word triple double
He received the nickname magic age 15 at Ervett High School
He was the tallest person to play point gaurd
Only rookie to get the finals MVP award
He was the first rookie since Elvin Hayes in 1969 to start in the all-star game
He became friends with Larry Bird during a comercial in 1986
Johnson, Earvin, and William Novak. My Life. New York: Random House, 1992. Print.
These are some of Magic Johnson's top 10 plays in his career
TV Show
Born in Lansing, Michigan
August 14, 1959
Went to Ervett High School
Goes to Michigan State
Wins National Championship with Michigan State (Sophomore year)
1st overall pick in the NBA draft to the Lakers
Plays in his first all-stars
Wins NBA title he was named MVP
Hurts knee and misses 45 games
Wins NBA title was named MVP for second time
Wins third NBA title
Named league MVP
Wins 4th NBA title and named MVP for 3rd time
Named leagues MVP for second time
All-Star MVP
Named leagues MVP for 3rd time
Leads Lakers to 9th NBA finals
Gets gold in Olympics
All-Star MVP
Coaches 16 games at Lakers(5-11)
Returnes and plays 32 games averaged about 14 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds
Retires for second time
Dream Team
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