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Welcome packet for Ames

English 314 Final Presentation

Cecilia Alexis

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Welcome packet for Ames

The outlined process we went through for making the Ames Welcome Packet for the City of Ames Creating the Ames Welcome Packet The Deficit The Proposal We approached the City of Ames Planning Department
(Our Client)

Solution: Develop a comprehensive "Welcome Packet" to aid new residents in their transition

Our Client expressed needs for:
Parks and Recreation
Public Transportation
Public Library
Amenities The Draft We put our heads and efforts together to compile
a draft product that would meet our clients needs The Revisions We were able to get feedback from our client as well as some prospective users of the document

"informative and helpful"
Suggestions for more information
Appealing visuals
City contact information The Final
Product We saw that the information was all available but not easily accessible

This often caused confusion or omissions with regards to utilities and public services The Audience The Context The Author Tone/Layout Newcomers to Ames
Students moving to the community at large
A multitude of employers ranging from professional to research based. Students
Ames residents
First-hand experience When accessed
Condition and surroundings of the reader
Availibility - PDF format
Short and concise
A happy resident Positive/helpful tone
Colorful and inviting
Not too overwhelming
Easy to find information
Organized/structured layout
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