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No description

Maja Louise Holm Jensen

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of kangaroo

color: darkgray to redbrown
70-80 cm in the lengt (without the tail)
the male can wight all op to 20 kg
and the fremale can wight the half.
the kangaroo have a purse on their stomach.
so they can hold on to their child
the kangaroo can hop very height
the kangaroos lives in Australia

The kangaroos are often seen near rivers in australia
what does it eat
some kangaroos eat plant food, as grass, leaf and potherbs and som other stuff.
and som other kind of kangaroos eat insects
the normal kangaroo can be 12-13 years, but they can get older
som other kind of kangaroos cant be 17 years old (brown kangaroo
dangerous or not
the kangaroo are not probably dangerous, som of them kick's
and they kick
very hard
they can get much
dangerous when
they gets interrupt
common or rare
the kangaroo are not common but neither rare
the kangaroo is a vertebrate animal
the kangaroo is a marsupial animal
under the category vertebrate
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