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Bartolomeu Dias

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Bradley Jonhson

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Bartolomeu Dias

Bartolomeu Dias Early Life of Bartolomeu Dias Introduction Bartolomeu Dias was Portuguese explorer from the 1400s. He is known for being the first european to see the southern most tip of Africa. This presentation holds information about the great Bartolomeu Dias . Enjoy Bartolomeu Dias was born a nobleman with a very wealthy family in Portugal. The money was because of his dad. His dad was part of the Portuguese court. Bartolomeu had two bros Pero Dias and Diogo Dias, Pero who was probably younger and Diogo who was most likely older than Bartolomeu. Like Bartolomeu they were both explores. Because of Bartolomeu wealthy family he was very likely to gone to good schools for a good education. Why did he explore?
Bartolomeu Dias explored to find the sea route to Asia. King John ll of Portugal sent him on the expedition in 1486.This era in Portugal was the time of exploration. The Portuguese were at war with Spain. Because Portugal spent a lot of money on troops, they sent explorers to India and other parts of Asia to trade and get lots of money.
Another reason to head an expedition was to sail around the southern tip of Africa in the hope of finding a trade route to India. Dias was also charged with searching for the lands ruled by Prester John, who was a fabled Christian priest and ruler. The Voyages Dias had three main expeditions. The first one he led himself. The main thing Dias had to do was find a sea route to Asia. He did not succeed but making it only to the southernmost tip of Africa. His journey did help though, because in 1497 Vasco da Gama was sent to find a sea route to Asia. Because of Dias’s trip they were able to know how to get half was there. Now all da Gama had to do was find the other half of the sea route. This expedition did succeed and the y traveled back to Portugal with the goods. Bartolomeu Dias went on his last voyage in 1500 accompanying Pedro Álvares Cabral. In this journey they discovered Brazil. After finding Brazil they went south toward southern Africa. When they came to the Cape of Good Hope and terrible storm came in destroying all the ships and killing all the men. Life on Ship Bradley l. Johnson Results of Exploration Because of Bartolomeu’s first journey it let the other explores know half of the sea route to Asia. With his second journey when he accompanied Vasco Da Gama, he helped because he knew the half-way point to Asia. With the result of making it to Asia, the Portuguese could get the goods. With the goods the Portuguese could earn money. They used the money for the wars with Spain. The End Death Legacy Bartolomeu left a big legacy behind, which is what makes him as popular as he is. Bartolomeu Dias was the first European to see the southern tip of Africa. He also opened the gate way for European exploration to alias. This makes Bartolomeu Dais One of the most famous explores to ever step foot on this earth. Thank You Thank you very much for listening to my presentation. I hope that you leaned a lot and enjoyed very much thank you. Riding on a damp creaky vessel, insect ridden with rats and other vermin running around. Your most likely going to die from conflict or a disease. What reason would could possibly make someone want to ride on one of these ships?
Scurvy is a common reason sailors died in the 1400s. Scurvy is a disease caused by the lack of fresh food. Sailors would stay on boats for very long times and the food won,t last forever. Another common death upon a voyage is violent storms. In storms the waves can be huge and be able to knock over large ships. There are tons of reasons that shiplife can be hard. This is why explorers like Bartolomeu Dias have to be very brave.
Dias's first big voyage route. 1400s portuguese ship Did you know Bartolomeu Dias can be spelled two different ways ( Bartolomeu Dias or Bartholomew Diaz) Did you know Bartolomeu Dias originally called The Cape of Good Hope The Cape of Storms Did you know Bartolomeu Dias's brothers were also explorers Did you know? Lots of Portuguese explores went to find a legendary Christian leader of Africa Did you know? Bartolomeu was such a great explorer that a statue was made of him in Cape Town, South Africa near his discovery of The Cape of Good Hope Did You Know? Bartolomeu Dias died on May 29 1500 of the coast of South Africa near the Cape of Hope. He was on a voyage with Pedro Álvares Cabral when a terrible storm wiped out there ships killing all the men.
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