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Helly Hansen

No description

jodi sandler

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Helly Hansen

Outdoor Apparel We provide high quality, protective technical gear for work survival and sport. We work and play in the harshest environments on the planet to learn what's needed to create the best performance gear possible. We work closely with people who work and/or play outdoors more days than they are indoors to continuously optimize the technology and design of our products. The sun is represented in the middle of the space by a circular light fixture. Floor Plan The Concept for the retail space is Weather Extremes Arctic Carribean The retail space will contain apparel for
winter sports and water sports This Bubble Flow shows the process of how the layout of the space came from the Helly Hansen logo. Line Shape The winter side has harsh and rigid lines from the cold The water side has fluid lines that mimic a wave Clothes rack design deriving from mountains curved alcove seating Reflected Ceiling Plan WAter Sport Perspective Winter Sports Perspective Organization Organization of product display Special Features EntraNce water WALL BUBBLE WATER WALL SEE THROUGH PICTURE WINDOWS SNOWBOARDER MANNEQUIN Climate Control Wind simulator An air pump blows cold air at user to simulate actually being in harsh winds Circular light fixture Track Lighting Materials Stone is used on the rock wall
Metal Used on finishes Wood Flooring Wood applied to surfaces Concrete on the Ceiling Frosting Glass on Wind Simulator Rock Wall to display shoes Apparel Made for extreme weather For the daredevil in you
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