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Coca Cola sponsorship presentation

No description

Aisling O'Dwyer

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Coca Cola sponsorship presentation

Sponsorship Presentation Introduction The Coca Cola Company Group Members Overview of Presentation Coca Cola History Founded in 1886 Sponsorship Activities Core Objectives & Market Segments Exposure
Build Relationships
Reinforce Brand Image
Shape Customer Attitudes
Build Customer Loyalty Leveraging Ambush Marketing Effectiveness of Sponsorship Future Sponsorship Programmes Conclusion Overall, Coca Cola are involved in various forms of sponsorship such as the arts, broadcasting, sports and cause-related sponsorships. Claire Williams Aisling O' Dwyer Kerrie Ryan Michaela Dunphy History of Coca Cola
Sponsorship Activities
Core Objectives & Market Segments
Ambush Marketing
Effectiveness of the Sponsorships
Future Sponsorship Programmes
Recommendations Activity Spot how many times the Coca Cola Bottle appears in the Presentation. Like this one Product Offerings Interesting Facts & Figures Mission Statement By Dr. John Pemberton American Idol NASCAR London Olympic Games 2012 "Coca Cola Family Night Program" "Coca Cola Music Cover Artwork" "Coca Cola Judges Cup Design" Leaving a lasting legacy Encouraging active and healthy lifestyles Move to The Beat Promoting more sustainable behaviour Teenagers
Race Car Enthusiasts Coca Cola Sponsorships Aim to Communicate Commitment to Different Target Groups "At the Coca Cola Company we strive to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference". Educational Sponsorships Music Festivals National Hurling League Educational sponsorships to disadvantaged third-level students around Ireland. Leverage the sponsorship through print advertisements and the presence of company representatives at college open days. Prevent ambush marketing through free merchandise and soft drinks. Sponsorship of a series of county hurling matches around Ireland . Leverage the sponsorship through radio and print advertisements, social media and a prize incentive. Prevent ambush marketing by making sure Coca Cola is prominently featured at all of the matches through hoardings, sports gear and company representatives. Sponsorship of a stage at a music festival. Leverage the sponsorship through "Coca Cola Festival Essentials" packs and a heavily branded stage. Prevent ambush marketing by investing heavily in merchandise and stage branding. Coca Cola Festival Essentials Pack Each form of sponsorship has proven to be effective in contributing to the charitable reputation of the company along with increasing brand exposure. Recommendations Focus on geographical segments such as Ireland. In doing so, customise each sponsorship to each country e.g. sponsoring a hurling event in Ireland.

In doing so Coca Cola will make themselves more accessible as a company to local communities. Activity How many bottles of Coke are bought worldwide every day? 1.7 billion! Answer: Ambush marketing is the direct efforts to attack, weaken or capitalise
on the popularity, goodwill and reputation
of competitor's official association
with a brand, event or a TV broadcast
that they sponsor Cola War Pepsi ambush of National Hockey League 1992
Pepsi advertised the airing of NHL
Ran a competition
NHL sued Pepsi but didn't win because of disclaimers Future Threats Use one of the Pepsi adverts during
or prior to the broadcasting of
the sponsorship events or shows To minimize risk should
outline clear conditions
in contracts i.e. Olympics Olympics sponsor since 1928

proactive sponsor to change consumers attitude NASCAR Niche market
Appears in all stock car magazines
Races news worthy topics
Fully integrated experience American Idol Sponsor for 12 seasons
Best known product placement Improved customers views being more interactive
Coca Cola Family Night Program
Coca Cola Judges Cup Design Pepsi Advert Difficulties for Coca Cola Coca Cola is the most recognized brand in the world with over 96% of the world’s population recognizing the logo.

Do they really need to use Sponsorship for Leverage of Customers? Coca Cola sponsors the London Olympics Coca Cola paid 100 million dollars for use of the Olympics logo and to associate themselves with the 2012 Olympic Games.

Did this giant spend benefit Coca Cola? Move to the Beat Campaign European Sales have dropped by 4%

People are becoming more aware of links between sugary drinks with diabetes and obesity

Increased competition from Pepsi Marketing Tools
Used Twitter


TV Adverts


"Move to the Beat" Website Success of the Sponsorship VS
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