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Interference Presentation

No description

Joshua Barker

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Interference Presentation

Kevin Stone
The Script
Adapting the Script
Our script depicts the story of student Markus Wilkes, after the death of his girlfriend Abi. He now secludes himself from the outside world, friends and loved ones.

Kevin, his best friend, is trying everything he can to get his old friend back.
-Correcting typos
-Changing some awkward wording
-Re-writing scenes
-Changing character personalities after casting
To get information about our target audience, we constructed a questionnaire to over 100 people that asked such things...

Concepts of the Film
Any questions?

How do they look?
-Minimalistic approach
-Graphical influence

-Auditions held

Thank You
Thank you for coming and we are here to pitch our idea about our short film production; INTERFERENCE.
The Brief
Back in October we were asked to produce a short film, working as a professional production team to do so.

Pre-Production Research
Before we started production we had to conduct research...
- 19 years old
- Studied drama
- She was a typical student
- She had a sarcastic and dry sense of humour
- She died in 2013
Abigail Fox
- 20 years old
- Loves films
- He was a typical student
- Became popular at college
- Lost his girlfriend
- Secluded himself from people after Abi's death

Markus Wilkes
Marketing & U.S.P
We are using engaging shots including;
- long tracking shots
- narrow depth of field close ups
- high and low angles
- pans
- aerial shots
- The original score is written and produced by myself.

- Inspiration was taken from a number of other films and composers, notably Jeff Danna's work on Silent Hill

- The choice of instrumentation reflects the theme and tone of the picture
Target Audience
Market Research
After choosing thrillers our market research focused on films released recently that were similar in genre, tone and subject matter to our film.
We also found...

Thriller films are generally released in the fall/winter season after the summer blockbusters, while our film will be released in Spring 2016 like 'The Boy'.

Our responsibility is to develop many different editing techniques to feature within the film.
We started by doing research on other thriller films to find out conventional editing techniques.

A key sequence we are responsible for was the additional Home Video sequence.

The techniques we have and are currently working on to use in the film and the Home Video sequence are:

- How to make glitching that is featured in the script a reality

- The look of the film i.e. Colour Grading

- How to achieve difficult psychological thriller effects i.e. Blacked Out Eyes for the Additional TV Sequence
-Script Analysis on interactive props

- Numerous props needed for each scene

- Research and Character Profiles helped with development of ideas
- Lighting is an extremely important aspect towards the film.
- It can determine the mood, tone, atmosphere, and most importantly; the audience’s emotions.
- Completed thorough research is the result of this.
- Looked at successful films ranging from, Shutter Island, Se7en, and Enemy.
- From completing this research, I learned a number of different techniques and tones which I now feel I could bring into the film.
• Styling outfits that match the personalities of characters:
• Markus – Well dressed, presentable

-How often they watch films
-What their favorite genres are
Most importantly we found that both Male and Female people between the ages of 15-35 watched the most films, but we also found...
The Shining
- A Facebook page and promotional posters

- A film poster to advertise the genre and style of our piece


- Subtle take on psychological thriller

- Reliant on tension and intrigue

- Suspenseful and emotional

Together the Art Department researched the psychology of colour.
Colour scheme can have a very big influence on the mood and feel of a scene.
The use of bright warm colours like yellow, red and orange portrays an upbeat vibe.
Dark cold colours such as blues and purples will create a solum feeling.
For the location, we are going to be using a seafront house on Shoreham Beach. We picked this location because it fits with the description of Markus' house in the script. The layout of the house with the kitchen at the front will make it easier to film.
-Black Mass (18th September 2015)
-The Boy (22nd January 2016)
This includes both art department and post-production elements here to give life to the film.
Thriller is the most popular
What kind of thriller?
The changes we made?
- 20 years old
- Loves films
- Typical 'nerd'
- Tries to help Markus with his loss and doesn't want to lose his friendship
Kevin Stone
Direction & Performance

Emotive Sections

Moments of Humour
Construction of the Film
Abi – Sensible, ignores high street trends
Make up for Abi's death scene
Shutter Island
Kevin – Very nerdy, film geek, doesn’t follow current trends

What tones does this create?
- Thriller, suspense
- Works with soundtrack
- Works with the Intro sequence

Special effects
- Tension,
- Abi's Death
Post Production

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