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Satere-Mawe Tribe / rite of way

No description

Eric ballard

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Satere-Mawe Tribe / rite of way

Satere-Mawe Tribe / Rite of Passage
The Bullet Ant
The bullet ant or "Paraponera clavata" has one of the most powerful bite/ sting in the world. It will make you delusional or nauseous. The pain can last for over 24 hours.
Our Rite of Passages
Smith: You have to chase a wild rooster until you catch it.
Eric: You would have to bungee jump off the Grand Canyon and catch a fish in your mouth.
Geovanny: You would have to play the star spangled banner on the saxophone in your underwear.
Taylor: You have to eat spiders.
The End
Now I have one very philosophical question. What does the fox say?
Satere-Mawe Tribe
This is a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. There Rite of Passage is to stick your hands into a glove woven with bullet ants. You have to do a traditional dance without wincing or crying. They are very strict about genders meeting each other. They are so strict about it, they have one side of the village for girls and one side for boys. They even have to take different paths around the village.
Eric's Indian name: Terribilis Hoedum
Smith's: Pullum Regem
Taylor's: Shining Star
Geovanny's: Confident Wolf
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