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My Cell Analogy

No description

shadayla bonner

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of My Cell Analogy

My Cell Analogy
Amusement park addition
The nucleus controls activity in a cell. The analogy for our amusement park is the management office because the office control what goes on in the park.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Rough and smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum makes proteins and fats They are best compared to the construction workers of the park.
Nuclear Membrane
The Nuclear Membrane is used to protect nucleus. in other words it protects the park managers.
Golgi Apparatus
Golgi Apparatus transport proteins from place to place. In cedar point, Golgi Apparatus would be the train because it transport people from one place to another.
The nucleolus is like the information center because it holds the information the cell needs to function.
The Nucleolus
The Ribosomes produce food for the cell they are most like the food stands in Cedar point.
Lysosomes break down to get rid of scraps they are best compared to the park janitors.
Mitochondria converts energy in sugar to usable energy it's best compared to the roller coasters because they take power from the generates and convert it to kinetic energy.
centrioles are use during reproduction and division it is best compared to the money of the park.
They transport water nutrients and other substances in the cell, they are like the electrical wires in the park
The chloroplast is what all the cells move through, so it is best compared to the air in the park
Cell Membrane
controls what goes in and out of the cell like a gate.
Cell wall
Helps the plant keep its structure its like the ground of the park
Central vacuoles
Stores water and provides rigidity it is like the braces of the roller coaster.
allows movement in the cell it's like the oil on th tracks.
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