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Technology Coach Presentation

Orchard Farm School District

Erin Lawson

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Technology Coach Presentation

Marionville, MO R9 School District
Who Am I?
Interactive Technology
Digital Portfolio
Google Drive

Blog: elawsonofsd.blogspot.com
Twitter: @Erin_Lawson3

Who am I?:
Student population:
K - 5 - 304
6 - 8 - 158
9 - 12 - 219

I am a dedicated teacher, an efficient worker, and passionate about the education of our students through the use of technology.
What kind of technology have I worked with in my career?
Smart Board
PC/MAC Computers
Google Drive
Flipped Learning
Scanners, Overhead Projectors, Printers

Spend time working with students and teachers inside the classroom.
Be responsible for mapping technology integration into all classrooms
Erin Lawson
Marionville, MO
District: R9
K-3 Smart Boards in every classroom, 25 iPads, personal computers
Apps-Reading Raven 1&2, Phonics Fun 1-4, Phonics Island, Bugs and Numbers, Phonics Vowels, abcya.com
K-5 2 Computer Labs to share
Middle/High - Computer classes focusing on Excel and Power Points
"Reading Horizons" - Online reading program for elementary/middle school students who are struggling in Reading
Professional development with veteran teacher and "Accidental Techie", Lori Elliot
I believe a Technology Coach should:
Prepare and plan professional opportunities for other teachers
Let's check out two Missouri school districts and see how they are successfully integrating technology.
Motivation for students
Health Videos
Work closely with teachers outside the classroom
Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education
Masters in Elementary Education with Reading Specialty
Graduate of Quincy Senior High School in Quincy, IL
Graduate of Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield,MO from 2000-2004
Student Teaching
1/2 Frohardt Elementary-3rd grade (Granite City, IL)
1/2 Cool Valley Elementary-6th grade (Ferguson/Florissant)
6th grade Communication Arts/Social Studies teacher at Ethel Hedgeman Lyle Academy from 2005-2007
6th grade Communication Arts teacher at Cool Valley Elementary from 2007-2008 (Ferg/Flor)
6th grade Communication Arts teacher at Wedgwood Elementary from 2008-2014 (Ferg/Flor)
Great for:
Snow Days
"Flipped" Classroom
Absent students
And it's FREE!
Action Plan
1. Get to know each
grade level, and identify their
strengths and weaknesses regarding
the integration of technology into
their lessons.

2. Utilize this information to
map out a plan to address the specific
technology needs for each
grade level.

3. Continue to stay current on new teaching technology, websites, and software that would benefit our students and teachers.

4. Plan and execute Professional Development programs that focus on applying new technologies in the classroom.
I would:
Action Plan
Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed
my presentation.

19 Elementary Schools
6 Middle Schools
4 High Schools

Official Enrollment:
21,536 students
Technology Specialists:
Ellen Downs & Alison Hancock
Had presenter Travis Allen with iSchool Initiative present to staff this Spring. Staff was inspired by his passion for mobile learning.
Some schools are using GoogleChrome books, but they haven't had any formal training from an outside source.
Google Apps for Education (including Google Drive) has been successfully implemented
Rockwood School District
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