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Health for all policies!

No description

Anne Knol

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Health for all policies!

Health FOR all policies! Political support
Clear goals
Means, manpower, money
Identification of keyholders
Coherence of aims and methods
Linking up to local issues
Parallel interests
Linked to existing (policy) processes
Investing in personal relations
Societal benefits Drivers for health in all policies FROM: Health impact assessment
TO: Impact of health assessment Change our mindset! Identification of policy ambitions in all sectors
Join the discussions at an early stage
Show how health can be used to support existing ambitions
(and don't forget how these ambitions can support health) Health is important! Is there enough money for health in times of crisis? y From HIA to HIAP: fitting the jigsaw together But do we all agree? Economy Health It is important to keep all economic cogwheels turning But how to make sure
that health is not forgotten? Our advice? Thank you for
your attention! health Education Environment Economy We always wonder how we can make other sectors include health... Economy health Environment Education But let's see how health can support other policies! And we make many tools to support health in all policies Healthy people make a healthy economy Healthy people make a healthy planet Healthy children do better at school More tools are not the answer How? Not the raised finger... But the helping hand! Lea den Broeder
Theo van Alphen
Chantal Walg
Anne Knol
Ilse Storm Health is the key!
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