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The Pursuit of Happyness

No description

prezi Project

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of

Main Characters
Chris and Christopher
Chris and Linda
-Cultural hegemony: In a relationship, the self is more important than the other
-Catholic teaching: Both are equal and must work together to solve their issues

- Unhealthy relationship:
- Communication issues
-Work together
- Financial issues

Chris and Jay T
Exposition Points
Rising Action Points
Climax Points
Falling Action Points
Resolution Points
- After the bone marrow scanner financially breaks his family, he finds a 6 month unpaid internship which would result in a very good job.
- During this time Chris goes through many professional and personal issues, including homelessness, fighting for a one in 19 job, and losing the last of his money
Christopher Gardner
(Will Smith)
(Thandie Newton)
Christopher Gardner Jr.
(Jaden Smith)
Jay Twistle
(Brian Howe)
- Linda, Chris Gardner's wife, leaves him during this family financial crisis.
- Chris and his son are left homeless
- Chris manages to keep up with his internship
- He passes the test, and gets the job as a stockbroker
Chris and Christopher
Chris and Christopher
Types of love
Chris and Christopher
Chris and Christopher
Chris and Linda
Chris and Linda
Chris and Linda
Chris and Linda
Types of love
Sexual love (eros)
- Attraction between Linda and Chris at the beginning
- Initially was passionate

They have an unhealthy relationship
-Their marriage consisted of only eros love.
-Catholic teaching: marriage is where eros and agape love meet
-Money got in the way of their happiness

Chris and Jay T
Chris and Jay T
Chris and Jay T
Chris and Jay T
Types of love
Companionship love (hetaireia)
- Chris and Jay work together
- No emotional closeness, but they share the same goal

Friendship love (philia)
- Jay is very supportive to Chris dung the internship
- They bond over a Rubik's cube

They have a healthy relationship
- Reciprocity is evident
- It is altruistic
-Chris’ devotion to his son demonstrate the ideology (also a catholic view) that the welfare and betterment of children is a parental responsibility.
- The self is not very pressured, helping make a healthy relationship

-The richer you are, the happier you are; Money = Happiness
-Chris must work hard to prove himself in this relationship, proving that he is best suited for the job
- Needs money to prove worth and happiness
-Chris later founded the investment firm Gardner Rich, in 1987
-In 2006, Chris sold a minority stake in his firm, in a multi-million dollar deal.
Message to Teenagers
"Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something"
"If you want something, go get it"
- This movie tells teenagers that achieving your life goal is a battle and will be hard
-Never give up
- Anything can be done, if you put your mind to it

Chris and Christopher have a positive relationship, it best examples the value of being righteous.
Even though Chris does not have a stable job, he still shows his son to do what is right.
Jay is a patient man, because Chris is always convincing him to consider him for the job, but he never gave up on chris.
Jay has a positive relationship with Chris because he never stops on believing in Chris; that he has something to prove to everyone.
Jay also knows that he has a good quality for the job, and he sees something in him.
Chris has a son named Christopher who goes to a daycare everyday with a misspelled sign.
Chris has no stable job to support his family, he sells bone marrow scanner for a living.
Chris is struggling to sell his bone marrow scanner; he regrets his invesments to the sales company because he is not making enough money to support his family.
Chris and Linda always has a disagreement when it comes to money and bills and it makes their qualities negative.
It shows that Linda is not a person who will support his husband for better or for worse.

Christopher is left without a mother, leaving only him with his father.
Chris has to provide for Christopher and himself

Core Values


Chris and Christopher lose faith in each other and also, God.
Chris could lose familial love for his son.

Everything will be stronger such as family love
Faith in God will be renewed


Causes: Lack of communication, sexual love (EROS), and commitment

Christopher could feel helpless ad vulnerable to this crisis
Linda having a hard time being loyal to her son and Chris.

Core Values


Linda is having a hard time being dependent and supportive on Chris ambitions
Linda's happiness is based on having luxuries while Chris is happy when his family is
Both trying good role models for their son


Chris learns what it means to be a good father to his son
Linda got her 'Freedom'
Chris is a successful stockbroker

Resolution of conflict
Family love (storge)
-Father and son relationship
-It is often quite emotional

Charity love (agape)
-Chris has unconditional love for his love
-He is willing to sacrifice everything he has

-They have a healthy relationship
-It is altruistic
-It is willing to make sacrifices
-It is filed with love
Resolution of Conflict
- The resolution between Chris and Linda, from Linda's point of view, is when Linda leaves for a job in New York
-From Chris' point of view, the resolution of conflict is when he gets his dream job, and he realizes that he is truly happy without Linda
Resolution of Conflict
- In the movie, there are many moments when Jay is second guesses his decision to invest so much on Chris
-But every time, Chris proves himself worthy investment
-There are many moment when Chris and Christopher lose faith in each other.
-Because they love each other, they always mange to work it out.

Jay T degrades Chris for his lack of intelligence and qualifications of being stockbroker
Example: A Rubics cub incident

Core Values


being dedicated to the internship of being a stockbroker
believing in himself
Using his wits and his wisdom to gain clients and to with stand obstacles


He landed himself in a good job
Pursuing happiness when he thought it was impossible
After Chris got his job as stockbroker, he lives a good life with his son 'Christopher'
He becomes a successful business man with his hard work and dedication .
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