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Nelson Mandela Prezi

No description

Christopher Lee

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela Prezi

Nelson Mandela was born on
July 18, 1918 in Mveso, Transkei
in South Africa.
When he was a boy, he was given the chance to
attend school.
By the time Nelson was 9 years old, his dad died and he was adopted by Chief Jongintaba. Life after that was difficult as Nelson had to move away from home.
In Nelson's days with his new
father, he received an enhanced
It was there that he first learned about
the relationship between the whites
and the blacks in South Africa.
Through hard work Nelson Mandela
was academically successful.
In his 20s, Nelson Mandela got into the
University Of Fort Hare which was
the highest school a black person could
go to.
Fort Hare was the first foundation
where Nelson Mandela fought for
rights as a civil rights activist.
Nelson Mandela ran away from his privileged
life to Johannesburg when he was almost forced to marry a woman. While there, he earned his bachelor's degree.

Around that time, he became involved in the anti-apartheid movement. Soon, he joined
the African National Congress (ANC).
Nelson Mandela tried to use non-violent methods in the ANC.

However, their methods soon proved to very ineffective. So, the ANC started to strike back against inequality with civil disobediance.
However, the whites didn't give in to this.

As Nelson Mandela started strikes and boycotts he became known around the country as a major threat to the biased

Soon enough, Nelson Mandela was arrested for life.

While Nelson was in prison, many of people got to know him.

As a result, thousands of black and white people went on strike to get Nelson out of custody.
On February 11, 1990, he was
finally released from prison and negotiated with President F.W. de Clerk to give equal rights to everyone else.
Soon voting was given to multiple races and many basic needs were supplied to people in dire situations.
Later when he finished his time in politics, he put his attention to the Elders organization. Its main goal was and is to step up to world problems all over the globe.
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Nelson Mandela's Legacy
-He reformed the South Africa to be a multiracial
-He helped to build healthcare centers, houses,
and give food and water to where it was needed.
-He also founded the Elders organization which helped many people worldwide.
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