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No description

Jose Gonzalez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Immigration

IMMiGration Mexican Immigration
mexican immigrant make up one of the largesgt majorities in the us. making them one of the largest communities of immigrants in the country.
They make up 23 percent of the u.s. population.
Most came to seek better life and corrupt govenrments plus harships.

india immigrants from india are common in the u.s.
most come to escape the social classes and have a better future for their families.
First ones came as indentured servants...from the british east india company. African americans
Origginally brough here as slaves. after the civil war and slavery was abolished they moved to the north of the US, in order to escape racism. They make up 12 percent of our population as of 2000. Italians
Italian americans came here during the 1800s and up and through ww1 and ww2. most were hardworking people looking for better lives. Most like all minorities were discriminated against.
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