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World Bank - 2011 ICT Sector Strategy Consultations V2

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Denis Largeron

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of World Bank - 2011 ICT Sector Strategy Consultations V2

Consultations Digest Building institutions (egovt agencies, cyber-security)

Local applications development


Sharing best practice

Identify failures

Feasibility before commit huge amount of money

Scale-up innovations eGovt + ICT for service delivery Videos Overview (6min) (4 min) Multilingual
Introductions Arabic www.worldbank.org/ict/strategy Reality check:
Connectivity still #1 priority ICT as enabler:
911 call to WB Spectrum, spectrum, spectrum

Rural broadband and access to smartphones

Broadband policy

Models of PPP, Competition

Strengthen regulators Connectivity still #1 priority JOBS! Youth jobs and Rural BPO

Financing SMEs, entrepreneurs

Support development of local IT companies

Help bridge innovation to market gap

Local content development
It is all about the jobs Human capacity/ICT skills development

Capacity to implement ICT projects

Capacity to use ICT

Change management

Aligning education with business requirement Skills, skills, skills Skills! Accountability Social media and citizen empowerment

Access to information


“Dangers” of ICT Pointers on ICT and accountability Questions to the Bank Partnering with the Bank One size does not fit all - what can WBG offer?

Procurement is a challenge - can this change?

New business models are needed - where are the proved
PPPs: yes but how?

Access to expertise - Do you have it?
Bank is in "all" sectors across the globe - how can we access your access to expertise?

Access to Finance - can you plug the capital valley of death? High-level take-aways 1 – Connectivity / Transformation / Innovation resonates + Skills/Jobs

2 – Many challenges and WBG part of solution

3 – Not helping with our selectivity dilemma

4 – Analytical work is used and more is needed on policy Framework for selectivity, for differentiation

Our Business model, Our skill mix, Use of instruments across the WBG

Connecting with expertise & Partnerships

Procurement & PPP models

Innovation Areas to explore In 2011 world
our client countries’ goals Affordable broadband for all

Transformed government functions and services (efficiency/reach)

IT-based industry as growth pole + Skills development for all / for youth

Policy/Investment/Private sector/
Second Generation reforms are key to growth and poverty alleviation

Mainly a policy agenda – also PPP but not large lending

Policy advice, partnerships for regulator capacity building and for analytical work, Technical Assistance Fund

PPP structuring advisory and financing (selectively) Connect – Affordable broadband for all Connect – Affordable broadband for all MICs and BRICs: Limited to economic policy analysis and policy loans in support of reform champions?

Low income countries
- strategic advisory partnership to structure, finance, implement policy reform packages and technical assistance

- PPP structuring advisory and financing
Use of ICT to improve functions and services through
-Enabling policies, common standards
-Direct improvement (investment, modernization)
-Breaking silos on IT investment
-Co-creation of new services, Government as a platform
-Push on accountability Transformed government functions and services (efficiency/reach) Light – use of ICT for accountability, app store, open government as platform

Heavy – Back-end functions, transformation across the value chain (eg- health), shared IT services platform

Building and strengthening institutions

Demand is retail – we are wholesale

eTransform Knowledge Platform, eTransform Africa Fund Skills development
-not only about technological skills
-Innovation created in networks and user-driven, local/global
-Partner with certification programs, with NRENs, enable research clouds, develop advisory expertise

IT as an enabler of entrepreneurship and rural BPO
-Partner with infoDev and IFC Innovate – IT-based industry as growth pole + Skills development for all / for youth
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