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Renewable Energy Sources

No description

Azu Kawakami

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Renewable Energy Sources

Fossil Fuels Oil, Natural Gas, Coal Oil will be gone by 2052, only carried by the current rate Gas will only give us an extra 8 years after that Coal can only provide enough energy until 2088 Renewable
Sources Wind Solar Hydroelectric Geothermal Biomass The Alternates 植村昂介 植村昂介 "Biofuels cause pollution,
not as green as thought" Energy
Sources Poplar, willow, and eucalyptus trees, emit isoprene as they grow, which forms toxic ozone.
The ozone would cause nearly 1,400 premature deaths, costing $7.1 billions
Biofuel plantations far away from population center would help limit ozone formation. "The Largest Offshore Wind Farm In The World
Will Be Near Fukushima, Japan” A part of the plan to get off nuclear power.
Fukushima's plan: to become energy self-efficient only with renewable sources
The turbines will float on platforms designed to withstand future earthquakes and tsunamis. Bibliography
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a mix of offshore and onshore wind + solar power = reliable and cost-effective power flow.
on-shore wind power is the cheapest!
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