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The Inuit Indians

No description

M2K Kids

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Inuit Indians

The Inuit Indians By: Chris Molica
The location for the Inuit was in a cold climate.
They lived in places like Alaska, Greenland, and Canada. That is the location of the Inuit Indians.
The Inuit lived in igloos, small sod houses, and they lived in tents. That is the housing of the Inuit Indians.
The Inuit had to wear warm clothing because they live in cold places. Their clothing is made of animal skins and furs. That is the Inuit Indians clothing.
Arts and Crafts
They made bead necklaces, baskets, pottery cotton making, and they did feather works. Those are some arts and crafts of the Inuit Indians.
The Inuit Indians hunt. They hunt polar bears, seals, caribou, and oxen. That is what the Inuit hunt and eat.
Interesting Facts
Inuit Indians are very interesting. They get married when they are teen agers. they are also not very tall and they watch the skies and that is how they decide what to do next.those are some interesting facts about Inuit Indians.
Editors, Charles River
The Inuit.
Cambridge, MA:2013 www.ducksters.com
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