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Poverty and Education

No description

Rachel Bramel

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Poverty and Education

Poverty and Education in West Chester, PA
Taryn Bramel, Jason Maffucci, Ryan Walter
What is Poverty?
Poverty Background
the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor.
More than 46 million Americans live in Poverty in the USA.
As people and teachers we see the statistics all the time? But what does it mean for teachers right here in West Chester, PA?
West Chester in Poverty
As of the 2011 government census, 24.1% living in the borough of West Chester live in poverty.
This is nearly double the 12.6% that live in poverty in Pennsylvania.
And also~10% greater than the 14.3% who live in poverty in the USA.

What does this mean for Teachers?
As a teacher our goal is to be aware of poverty.
Pay attention to the affects it has on the students in our classrooms whose families are affected by it.
Be mindful of the concerns it may cause such as lack of homework completion, parent support and even on a basic level such as hunger.
By age 4, children from low-income families are up to 18 months behind their peers developmentally.
What are these Resources?
1. Chester County Food Bank: Backpack Program
3. St. Agnes
2. Home of the Sparrow
5. CCIS: Child Care Information Services
4. CVIM: Community Volunteers in Medicine
Chester County Food Bank: Backpack Program
650 Pennsylvania Dr., Exton PA 19341
About 9 minutes from downtown West Chester, PA
Who is Served?
Children AND their families
At the moment, 1,000 children, mostly kindergarteners, and their families are served
According to the the Chester County Food bank "There are 13,000 school age children in Chester County that rely on the free or reduced lunch programs through the school. But when the weekend arrives, they are not sure if there will be food to eat."
With poverty striken families the stress on the parents who cant provide food for their children is heartbreaking.
Food is a basic need and critical for child nutrition, health and development
Prevent children and their families from having to skip meals over the weekend or face two days without food.
Provide a variety of balanced nutrients in a light weight backpack so it can be carried by young children.
Provide items such as:
Protein, Fruits & Vegetables, Grains, Healthy Snacks, and Dairy
Fills a food need often not met for children in poverty
Provides balanced nutrients children who are in poverty miss out on with cheaper foods
Light weight system to serve young children
Enables children to better learn in the classroom
Small program, Small number of students can be served
Not incorporated yet in older grades
May fluctuate based on donations
How to be Involved!
Donate items; especially book bags since they are the most expensive aspect
Volunteer with the packing process, The people are inviting and make it a lot of fun
Help deliver back packs
Spread the word in schools
Online donation
Our Opinion
This program is well thought out and since it is in its infancy with likely grow
This program does a great job of filling a need for nutritionally balanced food on the weekend for children in poverty who often do with out
Home of the Sparrow Housing Programs
Who is Served?
Women with limited income
Women with children
Women and children fleeing abusive homes or for any reason without a home
Women who need resources to move beyond poverty as a single mother
Women and children often face the harshest income decline during divorce or separation situations
Women with one income often struggle to pay for the needs of the family including child care to reach her job or schooling.
Provide women with limited income the ability to rent housing
Provide housing for women with low income while transiting into stable housing and working on life skills and education
Prepare women for their families future
No time limit for staying as long the mother is progressing on her goals
In house office support team to monitor families, mothers goals and provide resources
Focuses on other aspects to improve poverty status such as education and life skills
Increases job opportunities
In house child care
No single father families
Extensive qualifying process, interviews and case management
How to be Involved!
Volunteer to babysit on site for parents who take classes or have work. Especially needed on weekends.
Our Opinion
Great support system to help single mothers or newly divorced/separated single mothers and their children move out of poverty.
This program does a great job of focusing on the families life afterward and keeping them out of poverty.
Program provides a support system in which the women often stay in touch with when they leave or even move into the next step by sharing housing with a family they met through the program.
St. Agnes Catholic Church: Good Works Program
Who is Served?
Only offered to families in poverty who qualify.
To qualify families must be in poverty and in need of improvement to their current living conditions
Families in poverty often struggle for housing and settle for substandard housing conditions that are restricting for their family
nonprofit organization to improve living conditions for low-income families in Chester County.
Volunteers rebuild substandard houses to increase the living standard of those in poverty
No cost to the family
Improved living conditions that are safe and pro-developmental
Non-profit and volunteer based
Only able to serve a small population
Only avaible on third Sunday of every month so low productivity
How to be Involved!
Volunteer! Since St. Agnes is local it is easy to volunteer with this program or many others that support families through the Church!
No experience needed
Our Opinion
Great way to get involved with out being overwhelmed by excessive commitment
Fills a need with families that often must be put to the wayside in order to pay for necessities

CVIM: Community Volunteers in Medicine
Who is Served?
Women, Men and children
Patients must have an income at or below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines
Patients also cannot already be eligible for government Medical Assistance, Medicare, VA benefits or the Children's Health Insurance program.
Medical expenses come at a great cost and can often surprise families in poverty leading to significant struggle
Medical expense, such as dentistry , due to their high cost, often are cut out of the struggling budgets of families in poverty
To provide primary medical and dental care to low income working people in Chester County without insurance
In order to allow those peoples to continue to be contributing members of the community
Serves all ages in the family
Re-Screenings yearly to insure patient eligibility and patient success in the program
One-Stop-Shop: They have Medical and Dental facilities, Social Services, Educational Services, and a Drug dispensary
How to be Involved!
The program is volunteer-based! So volunteering would be a big support!
You do not need medical training as they need volunteers for the office and patient support programs as well.
Visit the website at www.cvim.org! and click on the volunteer tab
Online donation
Fund raising programs
Our Opinion
It is beneficial to have a program that will reach out to families below and ABOVE the poverty line that may not qualify for medical assistance but are still in NEED for help
This is useful because of the wide variety medical services for all family members
CCIS: Child Care Information Services
Who is Served?
Funding is provided for children from birth to 13 years of age whose parents/caretakers are employed or whose minor parent is enrolled in an educational program to pursue a high school diploma or GED.
Services are also available to families who receive TANF, Food Stamps or General assistance from the County Assistance Office (CAO) AND have been approved by the CAO to receive childcare funding.
Families below or near the poverty line often struggle with high child care costs
Child care can be a necessity for families in poverty with parents who may be going to school or working night or long hours

Child Care Information Services (CCIS) has been designated as the hub for child care information in Chester County.
CCIS manages the subsidized child day care program, which is a Federal and State funded program through a contract with the Department of Public Welfare, Office of Child Development and Early Learning DPW/OCDEL).
Parents/caretakers may choose any licensed, registered or minimally certified (Relative Neighbor R/N) provider who signs a contract for funding through this agency.
CCIS also provides resource and referral services and can help families find a childcare provider that best meets their needs.
The staff can customize provider lists to meet your needs. CCIS also helps families access other services such as affordable housing and affordable health insurance.
Only programs registered and certified through the CCIS can be accepted through this assistance program.
How to be Involved!
Child Care Providers can gain certification through the program and can be used as an option for care to those seeking assistance through the CCIS.
Our Opinion
Awesome resource for families struggling with the cost of childcare
Great resource for parents who work or are trying to improve their SES by receiving an education
Reliant on volunteers
Inconsistent doctor: patients will often see different doctors each visit.
In order to be eligible families cannot already be eligible for government Medical Assistance, Medicare, VA benefits or the Children's Health Insurance program.
300B Lawrence Drive, West Chester, PA 19380
Located just outside metropolitan West Chester
Chester County
601 Westtown Road, Suite 310 West Chester, PA
• 233 West Gay Street, West Chester, PA 19380
969 East Swedesford Rd, Exton PA 19341 (Main Offices)
Locations in numerous towns and cities including West Chester PA. Addresses on a need to know basis only.
Poverty causes....
High family stress levels
Transient or homeless families
Families struggling to provide food
Struggles with jobs
Struggles with costly childcare
Struggling to provide basic needs
Variety of things pushed to the wayside to provide for the basics (i.e non-necessary medical care)
Acceptance sub-standard housing conditions
Children struggling in school and developmentally behind
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