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CIMA CPD Presentation, 13_07_12

No description

Will Fatherley

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of CIMA CPD Presentation, 13_07_12

March ThirtyOne
puts Cost Reduction on trial... Top Down, autocratic process Arbitrary cuts, focused on headcount After the event, reactive Time Performance Effective Cost Reduction Case for the Defence Case for the Prosecution Short Term Fix Confusion Talent Drain Top 5 Tips for Action

1. Get your 'waste glasses' on
2. Challenge the prevailing cultures (spend & consumption)
3. Analyse how budgets are generated
4. Look for areas with pain points
5. Set review dates for all contracts (and stick to them) ? 'we're too busy for this' 'we tried and it didn't work' Objections
- too busy
- we already do that
- tried it, didn't work
- consultants Hines, Silvi & Bartolini Lean Profit Potential, Cardiff:Lean Enterprise Research Centre Multi-Site Automotive Business See The Process Identified Valeting
£1.6m spend pa
92 people
2 Contractors
5 Different Payment Models
Critical to Customer Satisfaction
Wide Variation from £24 p/c to £65p/c Target a spend category/ops area What is the promise?
- Generate Savings and Improve Performance
- Change Consumption Culture
- Change Spend Culture
- Motivate Team to find savings themselves + Analysis Phase Spend Profile Solution Phase Implementation Phase Share the Problem Consider
Culture Use The Data R+R Structure Project Identification Solution & Implementation Phase CASE STUDY Renegotiated
Pricing Model Integrated Online System £315k saving pa / 20% The case to answer....
Cost Reduction fails to deliver on its promise,
an improvement in the overall cost base for an
organisation. 12 other project areas identified Standardised Process 'we already do that' 'we're not paying consultants to tell us what we already know' Objections Results What will it mean? Quick Win
Solutions Audit Training Communication #1 - Leadership Analysis Phase Got our hands dirty Analysed Business Model Site Improvement Programmes Evaluate Ideas Identified Huge Waste and Improvement Potential Cost Reduction:
- Destroys Value
- Destroys Operational Capacity
- Demotivates Staff
- In some cases, fails to save money Worked on the people issues www.marchthirtyone.com Improved Quality
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