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The City of Ember

Calder J-W 5th hr. English II 3rd quarter book project

Calder J-W

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of The City of Ember

The City of Ember Doon Harrow

Doon Harrow is a curious and inventive individual who seems to be able to fix just about anything. He works in the pipeworks, in which he enjoys exploring the many vast, dark tunnels. He lives with his father who runs a messy work shop in Ember. Lina Mayfleet

Lina Mayfleet is clever and adventurous girl who loves to run. She works as a messenger by day, and takes care of her sick grandmother and baby sister by night in the small sewing store in which the three of them live in Ember. Poppy Mayfleet Poppy Mayfleet is the baby sister of Lina. She enjoys crawling around on the ground and chewing on things she finds. Unlike Lina, she is far to young to work, so she spends her days exploring the floor of her grandmother's shop. Reviews "An electric debut." -Publishers Weekly

"The cliff hanger ending will leave readers clamoring for the next installment." -Kirkus Reviews

"Science fiction for those who do not like science fiction." -Voice of Youth Advocates

"DuPrau allows the events of the story to convey the necessary information."
-The Horn Book Magazine Recommendation After reading this book I felt that it was an interesting book and a good read. I would definately recommend it to people. If you enjoy books about adventure and mystery, then you will likely enjoy this one. It has many suspenseful and exciting parts, making it quite enjoyable to read. All in all I thought it was a satisfactory book. Summary The City of Ember is a secret city that was built underground by the government in precaution for an upcoming natural disaster of epic proportions. Fifty men and fifty women all of the ages of sixty years old were escorted to a secret underground city which they were told was called Ember. They were all paired up into couples and given a baby. They were to start up a new life in this underground city which was powered entirely with the electricity of light bulbs. These people were instructed to tell their children nothing of the world that they came from. The new generations of Ember had no knowledge of the outside world or that there even was such a thing. The City of Ember was equipped with enough supplies and food to last for generations. The city was also given a mayor to govern over the city; this mayor was also given secret instructions on how to get out of ember. The instructions were supposed to be passed down from mayor to mayor as the years went on, until the day came where the instructions would be presented to the people of Ember, Ember’s citizens would then use the instructions to escape Ember and go out into the real world where everything would be ideally fine. This is what the government had hoped would happen, but through government corruption in Ember the instructions were never revealed to the public, therefore the people of ember never left ember. Ember is now quickly running out of food and light bulbs and will soon perish. Every person in Ember gets assigned a job once they turn the age of twelve. They are to pick jobs out of a bag, they are then assigned the job written on the slip of paper that they pick. A girl named Lina draws the dreaded job of pipeworker, she then secretly trades jobs with a boy named Doon who had drawn messenger, which is a highly prized job in comparison. Lina lives with her grandmother and her baby sister Poppy. One day Poppy is found chewing on some paper, Lina goes over to see what it is and she sees that it has writing on it; the writing was hard to see because Poppy had chewed it up so much. With the help of Doon and some other friends Lina and Doon find out that the paper is the instructions on how to exit Ember. In an effort to alert the mayor of their discovery they get arrested by the mayors gaurds. They miraculously escape the corrupt clutches of the mayor but they don’t get to alert the public of their discovery due to the fact that there are wanted signs for them all over the city. The three of them escape (Lina, Doon, Poppy) using the instructions to exit Ember through the pipeworks. After hours and hours of difficult steps they finally escape to the outside world where they are surprised and clueless about there new non electric surroundings. They then find a dark cave that leads to a cliff that over looks Ember from far, far above. In an effort to tell the people of ember how to escape, they ball up a copy of the instructions in Doon’s shirt and throw it off the cliff into the heart of the city, where they hope someone will find it.

By Calder J-W
5th hr. English 2
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