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WOYZECK Section B of Edexcel A-Level A2 Exam Paper

A Helpful Guid to What is Needed in Section B of the Test

Conor Ackhurst

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of WOYZECK Section B of Edexcel A-Level A2 Exam Paper

In the introduction you should start by repeating the question. Bring in the original performance conditions in detail this should include, how Buchner would have created his characters, the intentions and values shown through performance and why he would have done this.
Influences of Buchner such as theatre practitioners or movements (the Storm and Stress movement) and who was influenced by Buchner. It is worth mentioning any performances that have been done in the past with specific details. Your concept should be fully rounded with substantial ideas for the elements of your production as well as more subtle ones.
When talking about your concept you must convey the meaning you want to get across to the audience about every element of the production.
It is very important to justify your approach to the audience. This includes how an audience might have reacted to the original performance of the play and how you have brought it into the 21st Century. It is worth noting how a modern audience would have perceived the original production of the play and why your changes benefit the development of the the play. You should summarize why your changes relate to Buchner's intentions and values for the piece. You should also mention how your objectives as a director will be achieved through your concept. General Essay Plan for Section B Section B can vary, however the general discourse for the essay can be planned and can be made into a checklist of sorts. The two obvious types of questions that come up are either on production OR design. The section necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the original performance conditions and also the social/historical/political context of the play and the original production. The Audience Your Concept for Your Production Introduction Conclusion

Do you want it to be in a proscenium arch space or something less traditional?

Do you want period costume or modern costume?

Make Up
Is your make up going to be very basic or stylized by a practitioners use of it? This might include: WELL DONE YOU ARE AT THE SUMMIT AND YOU HAVE COMPLETED SECTION B!

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