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7 Habits

Healthy life

Feven Worede

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of 7 Habits

7 Habits Proactive The first habit is Proactive which means being smart and doing your homework and doing something thats right like always listing to your parenets and not disobeying them.Respect people. Think win-win
The 4 habit is Think win-win which means that each person gets there ways and everyone is happy.Like if one grade wants to play
on the soccer filed and another grade wants to to.Then win-win could be both grades playing toghether. Begin with the end in mind The second habit is begin with the end in mind which means have a plan so when you get home make sure to
get a piece of paper and right down what you need to do first so you dont get your plans all mixed up. Put first things first This third habit means work first then play which means if you have a friend that wants to play say sorry i have homework to do and maybe after your done then you can invite him over. Seek first to understand then to be undersood This 5 habit means Think before you speak so if your friend is talking about what a bad day she had then look in to her eyes and think of what edvice your going to say then say it. Always make sure that you really listen.
Synergize This sixth habbit means together is is better becuase if you work as a team you will acomplish more. For example if your teacher asighns a group progect 5 people working on it is way better than 1 becuases you will probably get a better mark and you might even make some friends. Sharpen the saw The the seventh habbit means balance is best which means have a balance in your life for example if you always excirsize then your not taking care of your soul, brain,heart. Only your body. always take care of your brain which means studying. heart hanging out with your friends and family. soul wich means to relax and listen to music. And body is playing sports and staying fit.
My favorite habbit ! I think all seven habbits are great but my favorite would have to be putting first things first becuase when you do that your life will be orginized becuase when your life is organized you wont forget anything and you will have everything right and you will be happy.
For your soul whatever relaxes you do it becuase that will help you same with body brain and heart whatever helps you do it becuase that will make balance in your life.
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